We are Ascending!!!

We are ascending!!!

This is not new news but this morning I am seeing it all in a new way; a way so bright and so uplifting that it seemed important to share within my blog and with anyone who cares to read it.

We are ascending and it is happening very, very rapidly; not rapidly in human time as in human time it seems to be dragging and the controlled media continues to ignore this momentous transformation; but in cosmic time the ascension process is moving at break-neck speed as the light quotient of humanity grows daily and becomes ever more attuned to the ascended energies of Gaia and all her ascended lifeforms. In that perspective, humanity is the only lifeform on this planet that is not ascended, that is not already fully embraced within Gaia’s grid for supporting life in the fifth dimension.

In answer to humanity’s call for an inclusive ascension process where all of humanity is given the opportunity to ascend together and no one is left behind out of ignorance or fear; Gaia and Source, with the help of all creation (which includes us, by the way), have created a third dimensional hologram and all of humanity is currently living in this hologram. Within this hologram, humanity continues the slow dissolution of the systems and institutions that have supported duality and scarcity. Slowly Truth is being brought to the fore in this 3D hologram and we are talking Big T Truth here. Things like the truth of a small self interested group of people controlling all of humanity. Things like the corrupt financial systems including the World Bank and the Federal Reserve enslaving humanity and funnelling money into the pockets of these few self interested families. Things like the removal of humanity’s freedoms by false flag operations such as 9/11.

We are entering into a very active period in terms of energies coming to Earth. Solar flares are sending solar energy our way in gigantic waves, each awakening more and more of humanity and shifting humanity ever closer to that tipping point where all this Truth becomes self evident, where our many detractors and recalcitrant leaders suddenly and inexplicably say, ‘I knew that. It is as plain as the day.’ Major energetic gateways approach such as the equinox, the March full moon and even Easter.

Speaking of Easter, the western world’s largest religious organization, the Catholic Church is undergoing a severe makeover. One Pope resigned, something that has not happened in 400 years and a new Pope has been elected. The status quo within the Church’s hierarchy made sure the new Pope was someone they could trust to uphold the status quo within this institution of duality and scarcity. Such efforts are doomed to fail and already the new Pope Francis is a walk-in in one report and an overlighted soul guided by the soul of St. Francis of Assisi in another. One thing is certain, the new pope has a soul level dedication to shifting into oneness and abundance.

How all of this happens will be interesting to watch but happen it will. Will institutions such as the Catholic Church be part of the new timeline of oneness and abundance? Perhaps; if so they will have to shift rapidly and accept the Truth of their support of duality and their repression of Truth all these centuries.

We are ascending!!! Truth is soon to become self evident.

Freedom for humanity…

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