Forgive the Ruling Elite

Nearly twenty years ago I had a chance encounter with an ex-girlfriend and fled the scene in great emotional pain. As I sat alone and asked for help to deal with my emotional pain a single word was spoken to me. That word was ‘Forgiveness’. I looked around to see if anyone else had heard the word but none had and I went again inward to process this information. ‘I know nothing about forgiveness; how can I forgive?’
‘You know all you need to know.’
The next day I went out and bought two cards. One for my ex-girlfriend and one for my ex-wife. In each I asked to be forgiven for all the hurt I had caused. They were different but strangely similar. I also forgave the other for any hurt they had ignited within me. I delivered each card and found an unfamiliar peacefulness welling up inside. Forgiveness was the perfect solution to the pain I had been feeling.
I became a student of forgiveness, reading about it, practicing it in all aspects of my life and watching its effects all around me; both when it was given and when it was withheld.
Without exception, forgiveness creates freedom and withholding forgiveness creates bondage. My choice was freedom and I systemically embarked on a forgiveness process with everyone in my life, living or passed over. I also took each new experience and applied the principles of forgiveness so I could be free in my ongoing experience of life. That single word spoken by a disembodied voice has blessed me many times over.

Humanity is entering a time period when the truth of the ruling elite and their abuses of humanity are coming to light. This is a good thing as Truth does set us free and the absence of truth is the source of all darkness. The absence of truth allows abuses to continue and that cannot be tolerated. The abuses must end and end now…That is the first function of truth.
What about the ruling elite; what about those who perpetrated the abuses? The human pattern has been to punish abusers. Punishment is a slippery slope as it recreates the cycle of abuse and victimhood. Instead of the ruling elite creating abuse and victimizing others, we are now abusing the ruling elite and victimizing them…and the cycle continues.
Far better to take the forgiveness route. Truth creates the ending of the current abuses and forgiveness creates the freedom to create an entirely new cycle based on freedom and full sovereignty for everyone.
With the miracle of containment, none of these abusers is able to continue their abuses. With the miracle of containment, the abusers are no longer who they were while perpetrating their abuses. They are rehabilitated and are not allowed out of containment until they are fully penetrated by the Light. They are incapable of further abuse. Some remain as the original soul but the spark of Divinity is now uncovered and is front and centre fully in view. Others are walk-ins with highly evolved souls now providing the life-force for these individuals. Still others remain in containment until full rehabilitation takes place.
Forgiveness of the ruling elite is humanity’s route to freedom. The abuses are ended and no new cycle of abuse is created.

Let’s end the cycle of abuse. Let’s forgive the ruling elite.

Freedom for humanity…

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  1. Judy B says:

    PERFECT…thanks, John…Judy

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