Ascension Progress – March Equinox 2013

Earth and humanity are at the centre of cosmic attention as pioneers of the mass ascension process including the planet upon which we live. Planets have ascended before and people have ascended before but ascending together has not been part of evolution until now. Add to that the darkness and density that had entrapped humanity for millennia and our ascension process is a very complex matter attracting the interest and the help of highly evolved beings from across the cosmos.

When humanity asked for an inclusive ascension process just before the solstice in December we attracted even more notice and elevated our status within the cosmos. Earth has long been a destination chosen only by the brave because of the darkness and density which entrapped it and entrapped all who came to live lifetimes on the beautiful but beleaguered ‘blue planet’ and yet here were these brave and beleaguered souls saying ‘slow this ascension process down so we can all ascend together.’ What a beautiful and magnanimous request! Humanity gained a lot of admirers in making this request.

That request was granted and instead of ascending as an event on the December solstice, humanity is ascending as a process and targeting inclusiveness – targeting that no one will be left behind. Source and Gaia led the way in terms of granting this request and we are now living out the inclusive ascension process.

How are we doing within that process?

At the December solstice the spiritual hierarchy estimated that only thirty percent of humanity was ready and willing to ascend. That is a little less than a third. Three months later, at the March equinox, fifty five percent of humanity is ready and willing to ascend. In only three months, a quarter of a year, humanity has nearly doubled the number of people ready to ascend and has crossed over the fifty percent mark. Magnificent progress in only one season, magnificent progress over the winter in my half of the world. Today ushers in the beginning of spring and new beginnings and what amazing new beginnings they promise to be.

All of this without the help of the controlled media. All of this with the controlled media maintaining their head in the sand and claiming for all who care to listen that nothing is happening. I have long sworn off paying attention to what the controlled media has to say as I know their focus is on fear and misinformation; but I do occasionally find a discarded newspaper and leaf through it to see what is being reported or tune in for a few seconds of a televised news broadcast. Despite the huge rise in human consciousness and human knowing, the news has not yet shifted their focus. Despite the fact that those imposing editorial policy have months ago lost their grip, the controlled world’s press continues to obey the standing orders that have not been enforceable for the last six months or so. Even with no help from the media humanity has crossed over the fifty percent mark in terms of those now ready and willing to ascend.

The slow process is working. There was uncertainty about what would happen on the equinox. Was it going to be a really big deal as predicted by some or another gateway, similar to the solstice, that would go largely unnoticed and easily ignored by the masses. I went sungazing for a few minutes this morning and the ascension process continues but it is not blowing me away; just a continuation of the steady progression into higher consciousness. I am glad of that as slow and steady seems the best way to get everyone on board and to have an inclusive ascension process where everyone ascends and no one is left behind out of fear or ignorance. Lots of fear and ignorance in today’s world and the slow and steady way is the way to transmute it all and walk together and gloriously into our ascended home.

We are all shifting and morphing into the higher dimensional home that Earth has become. I am hearing from friends that they are going through similar things and one thing stands out. We, the awakened ones, are clearing stuff for all of humanity. Forgiveness seems front and centre right now as we enter a new phase in humanity’s inclusive ascension process. Many are working on forgiveness aspects as it is incomplete in their lives. I have been working on forgiveness for nearly two decades and there is not much there anymore but that is not true of many others including many Lightworkers and is certainly not true of humanity as a whole. We have not been taught to forgive as the ruling elite, who have controlled our teaching agendas, know full well that forgiveness ends cycles and that is the last thing they wanted. Thus the agendas of vendettas and revenge that perpetrate cycles. Forgiveness really is the key as we enter into our new ascended home. Without forgiveness we bring in all the garbage from the old and recreate it in the new. With forgiveness we have a clean slate and can create whatever we desire.

What I desire is an inclusive ascension process and a future human timeline with sovereignty for all, oneness and abundance. That is what is occurring. Big, BIG smile.

Freedom for humanity…

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