Inclusive Ascension

The equinox was a glorious day here in Calgary. Sunny and very spring like with temperatures well above freezing and snow melting everywhere. My experience included the euphoria of the shift as I assimilated the energies of Nova Earth and the higher dimensions. For me, it was a day spent in the higher dimensions feeling joy and love; and living in the Now moment.

The next two days, for me, were back in the cocoon of transition and transmutation as the 3D hologram constructed to allow a gradual transition from the 3D shared reality designed by the ruling elite and participated in by the vast majority of humanity reasserted itself. This hologram feels very real and all around me people rush here and there as the ills of duality and scarcity continue to be maintained within the hologram.

Economic slavery continues as people everywhere struggle to make ends meet and to buy this and that.
Debt and interest payments continue funnelling money into the pockets of the few.
The controlled media continues to deny sovereignty, oneness and abundance; and ignore our ET friends.
Governments the world over continue to support the ruling class at the expense of the downtrodden masses.
Abundance technologies continue to be repressed and their very existence denied within the mainstream.
Wars continue to be fought and defence spending continues on weapons and militaries.
All of this and much more continues; but it is not real…it is only the 3D hologram as constructed by the Spiritual Hierarchy and maintained by 5D Gaia in response to humanity’s request for an inclusive ascension process.

Understanding that 3D is no longer real has greatly improved my disposition and granted me a patience that was not mine only a few weeks ago. I can allow it all to happen in a natural and organic way knowing there is no rush; no urgency to sweep away the old. Some reports had big things happening at the equinox but deep inside I am cheering for a continued slow evolution into oneness and abundance.

Understanding that the 3D hologram is not real and has a purpose of making slow adjustments into the abundance of 5D is very comforting. In this way, everyone is brought slowly to the Truth and no one chooses to refuse entry into 5D because of fear or ignorance.

Humanity is on the timeline of an inclusive passage into 5D, into sovereignty, oneness and abundance.
Inclusive because those resisting the shift will experience a slow decay of duality and scarcity such that they will have no choice but to accept that they cannot keep what is not theirs and nothing they think they own is truly theirs; also the control they current seem to have will melt slowly away. Instead of choosing what they currently imagine to be an advantaged position in an alternative 3D Earth, that option will be understood to no longer exist and they will naturally choose abundance along with everyone else.
Inclusive because those deeply imbued in a belief system based within duality and scarcity such as any of today’s major religions will see the exclusivity of those belief systems crumble and fall; and be given all the time they need to adjust to the Truth of oneness and abundance.
Inclusive because eventually the mainstream media will break out of the control and restrictions currently imposed upon them and begin to report Truth including all the repressed abundance technologies.
Inclusive because Disclosure will happen and be endorsed by everyone and be on the front page of everyone’s shared experience.
Inclusive because Love is the strongest force in the Cosmos and is becoming humanity’s shared experience.

Understanding all this allows me to be accepting and to be patient as we move in a slow and orderly fashion into the shared timeline of sovereignty, oneness and abundance. Yes, inequities continue and unnecessary hardships continue.

Yes, Lightworkers continue to carry the burden of transition and transmutation; including the burden of ridicule at the hands of the status quo and those imbued with their propaganda. That still chaffs a little but I now see it all as temporary; as this too shall pass.

When I check my core I find great happiness, great joy and a great love for all that is; a great love of the Oneness.

Freedom for humanity…


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