Heavy Lifting

In the spring of 2008 I made myself fully available to the consciousness movement by making major shifts in my life situation. I quit the work I was doing, left my marriage to a woman I loved but who did not want to be part of my dedicated lifestyle and moved out of our home. My expectation was that I would soon ascend and move quickly into my life’s mission as a way-shower and pathfinder for humanity’s ascension. That expectation proved premature but the dedication I felt then and my access to greater good guidance has been maintained unabated until this day.

About six months later, in the fall of 2008 the universe arranged my one and only psychic reading by a woman who called herself Misty. I asked about a woman who had come into my life and Misty said, ‘That focus does not serve you. Focus on what you came to do and all else will be given unto you!’ Sage advice from a sage.

I honoured this advice and have had a relatively singular focus ever since; a focus on living my mission and honouring the greater good guidance that I find within. This work eventually was named; how and when I am not certain, and the name given it was the ‘heavy lifting’. My sense continues to be that I remain within the timeframe of the heavy lifting; within that portion of my life when a singular focus is critical to the success of my mission.

Like many others, I did not expect the heavy lifting to extend past the December solstice, the commonly predicted date of humanity’s ascension. Yes, work would continue after the solstice but the expectation was that work would take place in a field of joy and oneness and be a pleasure for all. The heavy lifting would be a thing of the past.

As my dedicated life-style evolved I learned of the ruling elite and their systems supporting duality and scarcity. I chose to expand my mission to ousting the ruling elite and ending their systemic control over the shared human timeline which create conditions of duality and scarcity for the majority of humanity so the ruling elite can live lives of privilege. This work became part of the heavy lifting.

Humanity’s ascension has taken many twists and turns as 2012 neared its end. The ruling elite refused to surrender at the final deadline of the June solstice and were ousted by the miracle of containment two or three months later. The outer shifts including ending the systems supporting duality and scarcity were delayed with a timeline I call ascend first – shift later. Thus the duality and scarcity systems remained in place for the December solstice.

Then humanity threw a great monkey wrench into the Ascension Works by requesting more time so humanity’s ascension could be inclusive…so everyone could ascend together instead of splitting humanity into those ready and those not as of the December solstice. This request was granted by Source and supported by Gaia and we are now living the inclusive ascension timeline.

The inclusive ascension timeline has extended the period of heavy lifting for many Lightworkers, including me. Instead of working in oneness and abundance as will be the case once the ascension timeline is in place, Lightworkers continue to work within an environment of duality and scarcity. This is heavy lifting…no question about it.

Lightworkers continue to be ridiculed in the controlled media and Disclosure continues to be delayed. Abundance technologies continue to be repressed and denied. The ruling elite’s systems supporting duality and scarcity continue and those in charge continue to serve the few at the expense of the many and more importantly, continue to serve the concepts of duality and scarcity. Oneness and abundance continue to appear illusory instead of real. That amounts to heavy lifting for me and for many others in the loosely knit team that the Earth’s Lightworkers have become.

Last night was more heavy lifting. I knew something was up and went to bed early. I was awakened after midnight with energy accumulating in my solar plexus chakra. It was a mix of energy to be anchored, supporting oneness and abundance, and obsolete energy to be cleared, supporting duality and scarcity. It was very intense and painful. I asked for help and surrendered to the process, acting as an instrument of the Divine. This happened again around four a.m., equally intense and painful. The tide seemed to turn in this session and Light began to prevail. Twice more in the night the process reactivated and woke me but more manageable now.

What was happening? That is not for me to know. It is all part of the inclusive ascension timeline and all part of the heavy lifting, all part of what I have agreed to do at the level of my mission and my contributions as a way-shower and a pathfinder for humanity’s ascension.

I will be glad, make that overjoyed, when the heavy lifting is over. I will be overjoyed when the timeline of oneness and abundance is humanity’s shared experience.

Freedom for humanity…

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2 Responses to Heavy Lifting

  1. I “pass by” from time to time.

    Marvellous that you maintain your total commitment to all that is. These days I just let it all pass over my head, like watching a perpetual waterfall.

    I am in God, God is in me, God and I are one.

    Many Blessings/Tony.

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