Today is Good Friday, an important day on the Christian calendar as the commemoration of the crucifixion of Jesus. I was raised a Christian and I never could figure out what was good about this situation but that is another story.

All the major religions have to one extent or another been taken over by the dark as religions are a major way to control and limit people; major objectives of the dark. Christianity is a prime example. After three centuries of persecuting Christians the Roman Empire under Constantine ended this practice in 313 and later adopted Christianity as the state religion. In 325 his bishops ‘doctored’ the religion at the Council of Nicaea, choosing appropriate books (control and limit) for the ‘official’ Bible and writing the Nicene Creed. Ever wonder why the Vatican is in Rome? Church and State proved a potent force for subjugation and the Church’s reach far outlived the Roman Empire.

I was born into another state run religion, the Anglican Church, started by King Henry VIII because Rome would not grant him a divorce from his first wife. Even today, the Queen of England remains it’s head.

The themes of control and unworthiness never sat well with me. I was quite devote until puberty struck and I realized my choice was to ‘live in sin’ or take a holiday from religious beliefs. I chose the later, accepting my sexual urges as natural and became an atheist or an agnostic for the next four decades. In the late 90s my spiritual work brought me to the unmistakable conclusion that a prime Creator was reality and I returned to the Anglican Church. I found their depiction of God to be very different from my experience and left after a couple of years to pursue my own relationship with Source.

Prayer never worked very well for me. It seemed unnatural and designed to create inequities. My personal relationship with Source originated in silence and expressed itself in gratitude. When I went within, especially in meditation, I found a deep connection to Source and that connection was based in love and in service. I spent over fifty days in meditation retreats in 2006-07 and forged a lifelong bond with Source, a bond that is renewed daily and will forever guide my actions and decisions.

My truth is that each of us is a unique expression of Source. My truth is that each of us can access Source whenever we choose and commune with Source on an ongoing bases. Source always provides greater good guidance; that is the nature of Source…the trick is to quiet the self interested guidance from other sources because Source honours free will and thus provides greater good guidance as a background noise, which like elevator music is easily ignored.

Back to Christianity. Many of today’s ills are founded in Christianity. The abuse and genocide of indigenous populations the world over and especially in the Americas was done in the name of Christianity. Will Christianity survive the shifts soon to come? That remains to be seen.

The teachings of Jesus are supposed to be the basis of Christianity and these have great power and truth in their original form. ‘The Kingdom of God is within you’ is one of these teachings. If Christianity returns to the teachings of Jesus it will not only survive; it will thrive.

I no longer care much one way or the other. My religion is spirituality and honouring the small still voice within. That voice is the voice of Source and my life is filled with miracles as I live each moment honouring that Voice.

Freedom for humanity…

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