Ascension Gestation

The Universe arranged for me to attend Easter with my family in and around Edmonton including a day with my 90 year old mother who lives alone on her retirement property on a small lake about a hundred miles east of Edmonton and walks a mile every day.

Three of my six siblings were present, the three youngest, all sisters. I spent a lot of time with the two youngest and a brother-in-law. This brother-in-law has been one of my strongest critics over the years with a natural curiosity so he asks questions and then argues with what I tell him due to the erroneous human belief that understanding and agreement are somehow connected.

It was hard for me to live in the 3D environment of this family situation. All three work although the brother-in-law has a full pension and could escape economic slavery if that were his choice. I did no writing in the three days and took a holiday of sorts; but I can no longer join in as I once did. The sisters are games players and competing no longer appeals to me. I sit back watching and kibitzing and wait to be invited to talk about things of interest to me. It is good practice for the work I may soon be doing as a spokesperson for the shifts and changes soon to come.

I can feel the energy shifts within the family members when we talked. They are more open to my views and a hard edge has dissolved. They do not agree but they are willing to understand. One of my stories had special appeal.

There is a 3D hologram created by Source and supported by Gaia as a way of transiting into 5D slowly so all of humanity can make the transition rather than splitting humanity into those ready and able to move into 5D and those not who would have to remain behind in a 3D alternative world. This hologram is an important part of the inclusive ascension timeline, the timeline we are now following as we collectively target to ascend together into the fifth dimension (5D).

I admit to being unsure as to the duration of this 3D hologram but to a fondness for a nine month gestation period with an inception date of the December solstice. In this scenario, we have completed the first trimester as of the spring equinox about ten days ago. As with a human pregnancy, the baby (ascension) is not showing as yet but will soon begin to be obvious. In this timeline, the June solstice is the end of the second trimester and the baby (ascension) is birthed around the September equinox later this year.

I am confident that the hologram will be continued for as long as is necessary and vestiges will no doubt outlive the main hologram but this timing has particular appeal for me. We are talking about a very human process here as Earth and all the other kingdoms have already ascended as of 12-12-12 and only humanity lags behind. Because it is a human process, why not use human timing to usher in the shift and what better symbolism than to use the human gestation period of nine months.

My brother-in-law is quite used to my optimistic predictions and wanted to make a small bet that the fall equinox would come and go as uneventfully as had the December solstice. I complied and we made our bet with the marker of debt forgiveness; e.g. I am betting that humanity wiIl see massive debt forgiveness on or before the September solstice; a sure sign that we are moving into the ascension timeline of oneness and abundance.

I love this gestation approach to birthing 5D here on Earth for all of humanity and I feel like a midwife for the process. Lightworkers the world over are midwifing humanity’s ascension in this way of looking at things. The first trimester is now over and all is well. Ascension is concieved and is growing in the womb of Gaia, in the womb of Mother Earth. Humanity is the baby with seven billion humans, each a cell in the completed baby of humanity’s ascension. Presently the baby is small and ascension is not yet showing. Those making up the ascension fetus are the Lightworkers, the pathfinders and the way-showers and we remain small in number but over the summer and fall the ascension fetus will grow and by the fall equinox all of humanity will be as one and we will birth the ascension event in a glorious event that will forever be remembered.

What a glorious scenario. Some other timing is of course possible but I am throwing my heart and soul into the inclusive human ascension timeline and choose the human gestation timeline as my timeline of choice.

We are each parents of this timeline and soon we will be showing. Soon, all the world will know we are pregnant with the baby called Ascension.

Freedom for humanity…


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2 Responses to Ascension Gestation

  1. Judy B says:

    Good description of where we are in our NOW…thanks, John…Judy B

  2. katelon says:

    What a lovely post John!

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