Perils of the Hologram

Over the last few days, the 3D hologram has seemed extremely perilous resulting in bouts of anger and even a little fear. I am in the process of renting an apartment in which to live beginning in May. It is more money than I am presently paying and requires me to sign a lease. The lease had to be cosigned because my annual income does not meet the rental agency’s minimum. I am also hearing from a Lightworking friend who is approaching a financial crisis. WTF…
At the level of the 3D hologram and our current shared reality the transition into oneness and abundance seems in jeopardy, grave jeopardy. Lightworkers everywhere are wearing thin and many are giving up the fight and returning to economic slavery. Got to pay the bills.
My path has been guided such that I have been able to remain financially solvent even though I have not worked for pay in nearly five years. I quit driving and quit drinking, not as austerity measures, but by choice and I live on a fraction of what others spend. The higher rent is covered by the government pension I receive by virtue of turning sixty-five earlier this month. I can continue my singleminded and wholehearted dedication to the coming shifts for as long as it takes; but many cannot. Many have been forced to return to the workforce, forced back into economic slavery.
The hologram appears to be winning. Duality and scarcity seems to be gaining the upper hand. Little by little those dedicated to oneness and abundance are losing their way and being forced into once again picking up the yoke of economic slavery. What if duality and scarcity wins out? What if those leaving the fight results in the balance shifting back in favour of duality and scarcity? Hmmm…
Then it came to me. Our current shared reality is a hologram, it is not real! It seems real; very real indeed, but it is not real. The entire purpose of the 3D hologram in which duality and scarcity currently predominate is to provide a platform for an inclusive ascension process; a platform for the masses to awaken and transition into the higher dimensions instead of being forced to choose which dimension to continue their existence. It feels as though duality and scarcity are real but at a deeper level the entire hologram is here for the purpose of providing a platform for an orderly transition into the higher dimensions; an orderly transition into oneness and abundance for all of humanity.
Even those returning to economic slavery continue as warriors of the Light. They may be disillusioned or even despairing but their heart remains with the Light and ascension is a process of the heart. At the level of consciousness, they remain as dedicated as I am; they remain committed to the timeline of oneness and abundance.
In 1976, the film Network won four Academy Awards including best screen play as written by Paddy Chayefsky and one memorable line has stayed with me thirty five years later. That line, “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!” was shouted by the anchor man during a news broadcast and picked up by the masses who shouted it to the world at large. That sentiment has never been more appropriate than today.
“I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!” It is time to shift. It is time for the hologram to shift into oneness and abundance. I call for this shift in this now moment and in our shared reality. We have the power to create what we desire. I desire the hologram to shift…now.
Freedom for humanity…

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  1. katelon says:

    Amen to that!!!!

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