Explaining the Hologram

Humanity is in a waiting game being played out in the 3D hologram which is currently our shared reality. The hologram is not real; it is a projection but it feels very real indeed.
The timeline of the hologram is being set by us collectively and because there is no real danger to humanity or to ascension, the timeline is flexible. The hologram will take us right up to the ascension event where all of humanity will ascend together. The hologram allows us all to be together as the ascension event takes place, likely over a lengthy period of time as the laggards are helped across the finish line by the Lightworkers and by friends who have already ascended. That is the inclusive nature of the timeline humanity is following.
The hologram will shift in major ways long before the ascension event. Duality and scarcity will fall apart within the hologram and be no more. In a seamless transition within the hologram, oneness and abundance will replace duality and scarcity. Look at it this way. Had the ruling elite surrendered and participated in an orderly transfer, this shift would have taken place two or three years ago (perhaps a decade ago or more) and all of humanity would have marched together in a kind of victory parade to the ascension event last December. That was the plan.
Because the ruling elite did not surrender and hung on until the deadline last June, all that work of transition was delayed. With the miracle of containment, the ruling elite have been ousted and the transition within our shared reality is now in full swing. Instead of the shift into oneness and abundance taking place in our shared 3D reality prior to Earth ascending on 12-12-12, the shift into oneness and abundance is taking place in the 3D hologram created by Source and energetically maintained by Gaia. That is what we are living right now.
I am actively involved in this shifting work at an energetic level. All Lightworkers are involved and many are clearing their stuff within the hologram which has the effect of clearing those issues for all of humanity. Setting a pattern others can easily follow.
What a brilliant solution to the entire ascension puzzle. The 3D hologram is a safe forum in which humanity can work through the rigours of the shift and make all the necessary preparations for ascending. That work is in progress.
A major part of my mission is initiating this shift and holding the energetic space in which it can occur. For other Lightworkers, their mission is on the other end of the shift and the life of the 3D hologram. That is all being played out as we speak. Enjoy.
Btw, many of us have already ascended. The earmarks include trouble fitting into the hologram and generally being ‘a stranger in a strange land’ e.g. the hologram. I am having many of these same symptoms. As the shift gets underway and progresses, this also shifts and the ascended ones will be welcomed, honoured and at home while those resisting will have trouble fitting in and be the strangers. This is necessary in order to provide the resistors with the motivation to shift internally and help them make the inner choice to join the ascension process. The big advantage to the hologram is that all of humanity can stay together to do this work; whereas in the old plan humanity would have split in two at the ascension event.
It follows that the hologram will long outlive the shift as time is needed to bring the resisters and the unawakened on board for the inclusive ascension. I love it!
Let the shift begin!
Freedom for humanity…

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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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  1. katelon says:

    Love your insight and writing! Great article!

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