Energetic Cocktail

A friend was guided to do some work on me and asked my permission. I trust this friend and the work she does and have given her an open invitation to do work on me as guided; asking only that she report whatever she finds as a kind of feedback loop.

She did the work a couple of nights ago and reported her findings. Nothing sensational, clearings in various areas and various planes. l noticed something the next morning as I woke for the day, a subtle shift in my head and crown but truth be known, the work she did is like another ingredient in the cocktail of new energies coming to me these days and it is literally impossible for me to discern one input from the others. Just throw them together in the blender called my body and see what results.
That is one of the advantages of living a surrendered life. The very foundation upon which surrender is based is the knowing that the small me, the egoic me, is incapable of bringing forth the desired changes of ascension…things like physical rejuvenation, clearing of the veils and instant manifestation of desires. Pioneering such changes requires me to be very clear in terms of my intentions and then surrendering the process back to Source and agents of Source where all things are possible.
I took the surrender commitment back in 2006 and have lived the past seven years, aside from a three month detour in 2008, honouring that commitment and following the guidance that emanates from deep within. Occasionally that guidance is obscured and I have to get very quiet in order to learn what that guidance is but it is always there, always consistent and always serves the greater good. I have less and less resistance to following this guidance as my experience builds and I find that the greater good is also my good and my life benefits along with everyone else’s. It is an awesome way to live a life!
About three years ago I added an ingredient to my personal intentions. I intended to shift humanity’s shared experience away from duality and scarcity; toward oneness and abundance. Shifting a shared experience is another level of complexity but in the realm of ‘all things are possible’…what’s the problem? The problem is that a shared experience is just that…a shared experience and I cannot choose for another; nor do I know what is best for another.
In essence, I am choosing my experience and doing all that I am guided to do in order to make the experience of my choosing into an experience others choose to share. That is a mouthful and it has taken me a lot of time and effort to get my head around it. I am not forcing my choices upon anyone else; only being firm within my choices and then doing whatever is given me to do in terms of making my choices attractive for others to make similar choices and share my choice of experiences.
Some things must end in order for my chosen experience of oneness and abundance to begin. Already those leading the imposition of duality and scarcity have been ousted and through the miracle of containment, these people have either shifted into supporting oneness and abundance or they sit ineffectually on sidelines unable to negatively affect our shared reality. What remains is to effect the outer shift where all the institutions of duality and scarcity collapse and are replaced by institutions supporting oneness and abundance.
That great outer shift is cued up and ready to be manifest within our shared reality.
I hold space for this shift and provide energetic impetus in the form of anchoring oneness energies and clearing obsolete duality energies. All just part of the energetic cocktail that I am currently living.
Freedom for humanity…

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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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