Gaia’s Ascension

The Earth is humanity’s physical home and our place of residence within the universe. In a very real way we are one with Earth as she sustains us and our physical body is made up of Earth’s elements while we are living and we return these elements to Earth when we die. We are one with Earth.

Earth is a living organism with a soul/spirit, the same as you or me. The Earth’s spirit is called Gaia. Gaia is our mother and she loves us unconditionally. Good thing too because we have been wayward children, exploiting Earth and her riches for our personal gain; and in the process have done Earth great harm with our drills and our explosives and our pollution of Earth’s resources.
Gaia is a highly evolved being who is playing a pivotal role in the ascension process. Our ascension process is a new form of ascension and Gaia is the first planet to undergo ascension of her physical form, the first planet to shift its physical form into a higher dimension. That is why we are presently the centre of attention within the universe. Gaia is ascending and is the first planet to take her physical form, her body which we know as Earth, with her in the ascension process. This has never been done before and it represents the new form of ascension. Planets have ascended before but not in their physical form, so the planet’s spirit ascends and then births a new physical form supporting life in the higher dimension. For the first time, a planet is ascending and taking her physical form, the Earth, with her in the ascension process.
Little wonder we are the centre of attention. We are also pioneers of this new ascension process, co-creators along with Gaia.
Little wonder the plan has been fluid and flexible. As in any first time process there is trial and error, there are adjustments, there are unforeseen circumstances.
Humanity has greatly contributed to the complexity of Gaia’s ascension process. All the other kingdoms were ready for ascension and smoothly made the transition when Earth and Gaia completed her ascension process on 12-12-12. The mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, the elements; all were ready to move into the higher dimension and all achieved this transition smoothly, with ease and grace.
Humanity was not ready and had ascension been forced upon us, humanity would have been split in two with about thirty percent ready to ascend and the rest staying behind in a third dimensional alternative. Humanity requested a change in the ascension plan so all of humanity could ascend together. That request was granted. Source created a hologram where humanity could make the necessary preparations for an inclusive ascension process and Gaia agreed to maintain third dimensional energies within the hologram such that this inclusive ascension plan for humanity could succeed.
It is so nice to be loved! It would have been so much easier to follow the initial plan and split humanity in two; but humanity so loved their fellows that we requested an inclusive process. Source so loved humanity that this request was granted and Gaia so loved humanity that she agreed to support this process.
Thus it has all seemed the same after the ascension events of last December but nothing is the same. Now all the drilling and fracing (fracturing the rock deep underground to increase oil well yeild) and polluting is taking place within the hologram…all in preparation for the inclusive ascension of humanity. Humanity is learning its ascension lessons within the hologram and we are preparing for an inclusive ascension event at some undetermined time in the future.
It is so nice to be loved!
Freedom for humanity…

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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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