Boston Marathon Bombing

I have paid scant attention to this story and do not know what is being reported in the controlled media but a friend asked my take on it all and here it is.

The bombing was indeed a false flag operation by the ruling elite. Even though their leadership is contained and cannot mastermind such events, their followers are not contained and such events are being allowed by our ET protectors as part of the process of waking up humanity. In one report the plan was for far more devastation and at least two other bombs did not explode; presumably prevented by the ETs.

Purpose of the false flag? Harder to answer but here are some factors.

The ruling elite is desperate and fear is their main weapon in maintaining the status quo so this kind of event is perfect along with the controlled media’s fear based coverage. My friend has a friend consumed with the coverage and he is not alone in choosing to be sucked into the fearmongering coverage.

Deeper reasons? One report had it that the financial shifts were cued up and this diverted attention in an effort to prevent/delay those shifts. Possible but not what I get. The gun control stuff is also possible; but guns are not part of where we are going so gun control is irrelevant. What I know for sure is the leadership of the ruling elite has been taken out through containment and surrender; and that includes their planning function. There has been no coordinated ruling elite plan since about May of last year almost a year ago now. This kind of thing (the bombing) is no longer part of a world wide coordinated effort; just a poorly planned stopgap measure.

Why is it being allowed? It is part of free will and part of the wake up call within the 3D hologram. I believe the reports that what was planned was far worse with far more devastation and loss of life and that magnitude was not allowed but the wake up call serves the ascension process and was allowed.

Not to make light of the victims and their suffering but the human toll was much less than even a single madman such as the Sandy Hook shootings. Also keep in mind that in war zones such events are commonplace with little or no media coverage. Those responsible had the target of maximizing the media coverage, thus the timing and location. Near the finish line of the Boston Marathon while runners where still crossing.

We are fast moving into an era where such events will no longer happen. In the meantime, my intention is keep my focus on the prize of creating a timeline of oneness and abundance without being diverted into fear and sensationalism by this or any other false flag operation.

Freedom for humanity…


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