Messy Transition

We are in the early phases of the transition into Nova Earth, the transition into oneness and abundance. Transitions tend to be messy and this one promises to be very messy indeed. After all this is the mother of all transitions. In essence humanity is transitioning from governance by self interest to governance in the service of others; governance that serves the greater good.

Much will come to Light in this transition and we will all be shocked by some of the revelations; even people like myself who have done their research and have seen through the illusion as created by the ruling elite.

Yes, the curtain is about to go up on a new play featuring Nova Earth and the fifth dimension…we are in transition. The ruling elite is well aware of all of this. Their leadership has been ousted by containment and the writing is on the wall but resistance remains and control of the media remains. Groups associated with the leadership of the ruling elite retain their free will and operate essentially above the law.

That is what the Boston Marathon bombings are all about. Some people do not want the curtain to go up, some people do not want the new ‘play’ to open. This is the shocking kind of thing I am talking about. We are about to learn that governance the world over has participated in dirty tricks and our media has participated in cover stories planted by the dirty tricksters.

This is the false flag syndrome. Get the world’s attention through a heinous act and pin the tail on some underprivileged donkey, labeled as a lunatic or a terrorist. Then use the fear and outrage thus generated for self interest purposes. There is a long list of false flag operations that have taken place in my lifetime and I will name a few as examples.

Install the Shah in Iran. (Gain control of Iran’s oil.)
Assassinate President John Kennedy and later his brother Senator Bobby Kennedy. (End their intention to bring in governance that served the people.)
Martin Luther King’s assassination. (End civil rights movement.)
Oklahoma City bombing. (Antiterrorist legislation.)
9/11. (Iraq’s oil and repressive legislation.)
Iraq’s invasion. (Iraq’s oil.)
Gulf oil spill. (Complicated…)

All of these were highly planned and coordinated by the highest levels of the ruling elite, by what many know as the Cabal, and each targeted specific progress toward their aim of world domination. Lately, the leadership of the ruling elite is contained including their central planning function so the false flag operations are now limited to generating fear and outrage within the population without the larger scope of previous false flag operations.

The Colorado Theatre shooting is an example of a false flag with a limited scope. In one well researched report, the suspect is a drugged innocent and the shootings were done by black ops experts. The Boston Marathon bombing is another example.

All part of the messy transition.

We are on the cusp of a shift the like of which has not been seen before. We are about to collapse the systems supporting duality and scarcity…and install in their place systems supporting oneness and abundance. Pockets of self-interested resistance remain and will fight for the continuation of what is. They will not succeed, except to make the transition messy.

Interesting times.

Freedom for humanity…


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