The Credibility Gap

I do not know how the rift between those who believe the lies as presented in the controlled media and the rest of us will be resolved. Both groups see the other as denying reality; thus the credibility gap.

All part of the messy transition…that is for sure. My guess is the sleep walkers will one day wake up and be saying ‘I knew I was being lied to. It is just so self evident.’ A few months ago my son and his wife (unawakened but curious) asked me to share my views. Part of what I said was that the twin towers did not collapse as they did due to being hit by airplanes. He nodded in agreement. I wonder what that sets off within him?

As an example of the rift, one of my friends came across a well researched piece on the Colorado Theater shooting. It is so self evident that the fall guy has been framed and yet the magnitude of the real story and the duplicity of it all prevents most of us from questioning the party line. Much easier to believe a deranged lunatic did this heinous act that believe black operatives drugged him, did the shooting and left him to be found by the police surrounded by the killing paraphernalia. This requires the police and the courts to be complicent; instead of looking for the truth and doing the hard research, they take the bait and railroad the fall guy.

It is hard to shift away from the bedrock of the fabricated shared reality to the shifting sands of conspiracy at the highest level.

It is hard to shift from believing that our leaders are voted in by us and are therefore accountable to us…to believing our elections are manipulated and those elected are puppets of unseen puppeteers.
It is hard to shift from a world view of sovereign countries each competing for a share of the world’s resources…to a world view of an unelected covert world government that controls world finances and targets world domination.
It is hard to shift from the world view of many media choices, competing with each other for market share…to a world view of a controlled media, all bound by the same editorial policies that deny the larger truth.
It is hard to shift from a worldview of bombings and shootings by terrorists and lunatics…to a worldview of false flags where these events are planned and orchestrated by powerful people who are above the law and who railroad our police forces and justice systems into convicting others for these crimes.

I know how difficult this can be. I made this worldview transition about four years ago.

The leadership of the covert world government has been ousted and is no longer at liberty to pursue their nefarious aims of world domination, but their minions remain and their systems remain including the editorial policies restricting the controlled media.

At this point, it is the unawakened masses who are preventing the shift into oneness and abundance in a kind of chicken and egg scenario. The controlled media continues as before and the unawakened masses continue in the slumber thus induced. These two go hand in hand. If the masses wake up the media will soon change. If the media begins to report truth the masses will soon awaken. Meanwhile the sleep watch continues. Meanwhile the credibility gap continues.

How will this gap be bridged? By disclosure? By an enlightened leader such as Obama? By mass consciousness rising above the breakthrough level? By collapse of the world financial house of cards and replacement with abundance financing? By some unexpected development?

I do not know how or when; I do know that bridging the credibility gap is inevitable and hold space for that eventuality.

Freedom for humanity…


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