Life in the Interlude

I am moving at the end of the month after renting in my oldest daughter’s home for the past four and a half years. Moving day is now less than a week away, and things are nicely falling into place. All the furniture and kitchen stuff I need is being bequeathed me by my four children who all own (if you call paying a usury mortgage owning) homes in northwest Calgary, a city of a million people just east of the Rocky Mountains in western Canada. One of the homes has a mountain view out of their bedroom window.

I will be living alone in a bachelor apartment on the bottom floor of a high-rise apartment building also in northwest Calgary. My daughter had to co-sign the one year lease as my annual income did not meet the rental agency’s minimum.

My passport expired a few weeks ago and I feel no motivation to renew it. Travel and the hassles currently involved with security and boarder crossings just does not appeal to me.

My car is being sold after sitting un-driven in my daughter’s two car garage for the past four years since my glasses fell unnoticed out of my pocket onto a busy street. Not driving is a choice, but like all my choices over the past half dozen years, a guided choice following the greater good guidance I find deep within.

I choose not to work so I can be fully dedicated to the consciousness movement and to the ascension process. That choice was made shortly after choosing to follow my greater good guidance about seven years ago. Basically, in order to live my mission, in order to fulfill my life purpose I gave up the illusion of control and have lived these last seven years following the greater good guidance within me and being fully dedicated to living my mission. Nothing else really matters. That deserves all caps. NOTHING ELSE REALLY MATTERS.

Now, that is me and these are my choices. I make no judgements about anyone else’s.

Walking everywhere has many advantages. Yes, it limits the range of my consideration but that has rarely been restrictive. All I want is within walking distance.

A major advantage is the grounding effect of walking. My routes all incorporate as much green space, as many walking paths and as many dirt trails as I can find and northwest Calgary has a lot of them. Three and four hour walks are commonplace and I have often walked to or from downtown (four hour walk), catching a ride one-way with one or another of my children as they all live nearby.

Do I see this as the way I will live out my days? No I do not…although if it turns out that way I am enjoying life in the slow lane, on the walking paths watching the traffic and staying clear of it as much as possible.

All of this is an interlude prior to humanity’s ascension.
All of this is an interlude prior to life in the higher dimensions.
All of this is an interlude prior to the birthing of the timeline of oneness and abundance.
All of this is a way of life conducive to living my mission which is to be a pathfinder and a way-shower as humanity shifts from the timeline of duality and scarcity onto timelines more of my choosing.

Humanity has taken a bit of the scenic route on this historic journey but we are getting to the chosen destination none the less. The scenic route is taking a bit longer and much that I do not support remains within our shared experience. I am good with all of that and I certainly support the choosing of this longer, slower pathway to ascension and to the timeline of oneness and abundance.

The shift is happening. When I go walking nowadays Gaia is with me; enveloping me in her loving embrace. Gaia is already in the fifth dimension and the experience is profoundly peaceful and profoundly joyous. The 3D hologram is melting away as it cannot continue to coexist with the joyousness and peacefulness that is emanating from our home, emanating from the world upon which we dwell.

The fifth dimension comes with all kinds of amenities and my lifestyle will no longer be restrictive in any way. Travel will be by intention; anywhere I choose without the need of passports or border security. Survival needs including a place to live will no longer require money or leases. Best of all…freedom, love, joy and peace will be our shared experience.

Freedom for humanity…


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