What if Ascension does not Happen?

A friend posed this question the other day. What if ascension doesn’t happen? What if it is all a hoax or takes many years and we continue to age as before and die before any of this takes place? What if…

For my friend, this was a new or at least unanswered question but I have been blessed with a large family of inquisitive doubting Thomas’s. In particular my brother who was for many years a devote member of a ‘world is ending and only the chosen few will survive’ sect. He lived through many of their deadlines that came and went without noticeable change and wanted to spare me the trauma and self recriminations that he had gone through. Around Christmas sixteen months ago he asked this exact question. What will you do if 12-21-12 comes and goes with no noticeable change?

I gave this question serious consideration at that time and found that I was entirely happy with my life and the choices I have made in the past decade or so in preparation for the big shift that did not happen in a noticeable way last December. Here we are four months later and still there is nothing noticeable to which I can point my finger and exclaim…’See. I told you so!’

I still believe and there continues to be a mountain of internal evidence so it is really not an issue in my inner world. In my world view, the shift is delayed, not cancelled and the delay is not years, the delay is months. But lets fast forward to a point in hypothetical time when I realize the shift is not going to take place in my lifetime; a hypothetical point in time when I learn I have been duped and the ascension hype was all a hoax. What then?

Basically, I am living my life dedicated to truth, to self improvement and to living my mission in the service of the greater good. These are the pillars of my current lifestyle. In terms of how I conduct myself, it boils down to one guiding principle. Each and every decision I am confronted with is resolved in accordance with the inner guidance I find deep within. That guidance is disconnected from my small self, from my egoic self and appears strongly connected to the greater good. This means I do not make decision based in self interest; my decisions are based in the greater good.

This inner guidance has led me to the path of ascension both for me personally and also for all of humanity and for Gaia, the soul of the planet upon which we live. This guidance has led me to oppose self interest wherever it is found to be at the expense of the greater good interests of others. Often the choices come with the illusion of sacrifice but as I let things go I find that sacrifice itself is an illusion. For example, I was guided to quit driving and let the registration lapse on my car. Hmmm…big sacrifice; right. Not so. I walk everywhere and enjoy the blessings of being grounded and in touch with Gaia and Mother Earth and rides are offered me when I want to go further afield.

The long and the short of all of this is that I intend to continue to follow my inner guidance each and every step of whatever remains of this lifetime. If ascension is shown to be a hoax, my inner guidance will reflect that and some new direction will evolve deep within. This may or may not be traumatic.

In any event, the choice to follow my inner guidance has been a huge blessing. Although this was a difficult choice to make when I formalize it in nearly seven years ago, this choice has blessed me many times over and continues daily to reap dividends. That is the bedrock upon which I intend to live out the remaining years of this lifetime; whether they be a few in accordance with the timeline of duality and scarcity or many in accordance with the timeline of oneness and abundance really does not matter. My choices and my life path follow the same process in either event.

Freedom for humanity…

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2 Responses to What if Ascension does not Happen?

  1. katelon says:

    Years ago, an ex-boyfriend took me to another town to pick up some things I had stored there. We had dated briefly, but still, as we do in relationships and the early stage of connections, we had discussed things we would do together in the future. As we drove, I looked wistfully out over the passing fields and exclaimed that it was sad that our relationship hadn’t lasted and we hadn’t done all those things we had dreamed of doing together. (I was the one to end the relationship). He replied that we had done those things together, even if it was in our shared daydreams.

    Even if ascension never happened, I would prefer to live out my life with the visions of how this world could be one of unity, cooperation, sovereignty, borders erased, the planet restored to true health, beautiful cities, …on and on, than to live my life living as if violence, separation, power and greed needed to be the norm. And like you, I choose to live my life now in ascension, following guidance, love and the light, vs. choosing duality.

    And we’d never get to ascension, oneness, the end of duality if we didn’t focus on that….so why choose to focus on any other reality? I grew up seeing past lives and walking in and out of other dimensions. My parents kept telling me to face reality. I looked at their version of reality and wondered why I’d choose that reality over the one I saw? I attempted to do so for years and it nearly cost me my life and certainly cost me many years of unhappiness, depression and misery. So I’ll choose the version of reality that you and I are focused on, over the sickness of the present illusion we are living now.

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