A 3D Move

Moving day was May 1st as I moved out of my daughter’s home with her two dogs and all the amenities into an unfurnished bachelor pad on the ground floor of a high rise apartment building.

Tamara asked me to move several months ago, sometime around the solstice, and set the end of April as a deadline. My sense has long been that my stay at her place was a temporary thing with the Universe having other plans for my dwelling so this seemed like lots of time; but tempus fugit and May 1 arrived without the universe knocking on my door. Around Easter, my guidance shifted ‘telling’ me to find a one bedroom apartment to live in until the universe was ready with more permanent plans and my son and his wife helped me locate a suitable place early in April. There I moved on May 1.

Tamara and I had an unfinished soul contract when I moved in during the fall of 2008, four and a half years ago, but the contract was completed some time ago and it was time for me to move on, giving her back her space. The contract was from past lives we had spent together and involved taking back her power; both from me and from others in her world especially a spiritual teacher to whom she had surrendered. I also had lessons in terms of granting others their sovereignty, transcending the illusion that I could know what was best for another. By the time I moved into Tamara’s place, this lesson was well and truly learned and we quickly fulfilled our soul contract including supporting Tamara in taking back her power in other areas of her life such as the spiritual teacher. I supported her as she became fully sovereign and it was time for me to move on.

The move itself fell into place relatively seamlessly. I have no furniture and no belongings other than my cloths and enough books to fill a bookshelf; many of them important for my particular journey. I also own a car that I have not driven in nearly four years and when I checked my guidance it was time to sell the car. This came together and is in process including starting the car done in semi-miraculous fashion by a tow-truck driver.

My son agreed to help me move and he recruited my son-in-law rather than rely on me for the muscle required. My move went well aside from being without internet service for the next week and a half. Ergo, I am sitting in a Starbucks coffee shop writing this blog entry and checking out my email etc.; using their free internet service. Awesome.

My son and my son-in-law did the muscle work for the move. I am travelling light so it was all gifted stuff that was moved aside from my books and my cloths. Both young men are starting new jobs in the next month. My son got a one year severance from his old employer in January and starts a new job in the third week of this month. Going to have a big income year. My son-in-law has been a competitive curler with no ‘real job’ but took some accounting training and landed a job with Shell Oil. He starts June 3, a week or so before his second child’s due date.

Interesting travelling with them and listening to their conversations. Both jobs are in the oil and gas sector but that is no surprise as this is Calgary and that is the workplace. All a very 3D orientation.

I’m settling into the new place and finding out what I don’t have and want. Things like a pitcher for pouring water, a kettle for making tea and of course; the internet. I could have shortened the internet wait but don’t plan ahead very well. These internet providers are still living in 3D.

Lots of energy in the air and in the ethers and I have been sleeping early and late. Following the disclosure hearings a bit but zipped thru my emails as nothing except the personal stuff really called to me.

Freedom for humanity…

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