Residue (Interest)

My first job after graduating from university was at a metallurgical complex in Flin Flon, a small mining town in western Canada; where I worked for the first twenty years of my career. We made copper and zinc and the key to making copper was a reverb furnace that melted the concentrate initiating the process.

The zinc process produced a residue that was twenty percent zinc and in the 1950’s someone had the bright idea to include it in the copper feeds and extract the zinc as oxide in a fuming process. That was part of the process when I joined the company in the early seventies. According to the number crunchers, the most profitable component of the copper feeds was this residue. It was a free feed since the mining costs were assigned to other feeds; ergo its high profitability.

Much of my twenty years had direct involvement with the copper smelter and I did my best to maximize the residue feed. Trouble was it gummed up the works. Copper concentrate melts like butter off the reverb walls. Residue melts but slowly and stickily (if that is word…lol). Just as I was leaving Flin Flon, a new zinc process was being installed which could process the residue and it was removed from the copper feeds. What a difference. The reverb resumed normal functioning and smelting rates went way up as did the smoothness of the entire operation. Residue gummed up everything, upstream and downstream!

I dreamed about the residue last night, not just once but for several dream segments. When I woke this morning I knew it was to be the subject of my blog entry. Why?

The old pros in the copper smelter all told me that residue was toxic to the smelting process but my focus on profits did not allow me to fully hear them. Residue was a fact of life and we all had to live with it. I was shunted to the side about the time the go ahead for the new zinc process was given and was not part of the decision to eliminate residue as a copper feed. I also did not get to be a part of the celebration as this toxic feed was no more.

Something similar is happening in our shared reality. The residue is interest charges in our financial systems. This time I am an old pro and the young guns are not fully listening to me. Interest is gumming up the works. It serves only those who are focused on profits and self interest. It is time to remove the residue to interest from the feeds of our financial systems.

There are new processes available that remove the need to include interest in the financial feeds. These new process are based on abundance. Approval is about to be given to implementing the abundance processes and interest can then be eliminated as a financial feed.

How this monumental shift takes place I cannot say. When it takes place I cannot say. That it will take place is a certainty. Instead of gumming up the works, our interest free financial systems will be smooth as butter on warm toast.

Now that is a change I will celebrate.

Freedom for humanity…


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