Settling In

I moved into a one bedroom apartment on May 1st, a week and a half ago after living for nearly five years in my oldest daughter’s home. My daughter was rarely home, working and a busy social life so it was kind of like living alone but not quite…She has two dogs and although I don’t miss them per se, they were company of a sort and other beings in the house. Tamara also showed up for short appearances as she came and went on her busy schedule; so I was not alone, not like being the single occupant of an apartment.

Yesterday it really hit home. I am living alone.

The first ten days I was without internet service in my apartment and that kind of masked the fact that I was alone. My days were filled with searching out internet service, what is called WIFI for reasons I do not know or care to look up, and I did a lot of walking in the process. Starbucks has free internet connections and I found one in each ordinal direction and visited two or three each day. One in the morning, and at least one more visit during the afternoon or evening. I spread myself around, for variety and not wanting to become a ‘regular’. I also found I could connect in the lobby of the apartment building and spent quite a lot of time there in the last few days. On Saturday, after 11 days of waiting, the provider arrived as promised and in short order, I have cable TV and WIFI.

Nice…but I also have no reason to go out anymore and have to find/invent new routines. I am home.

My guidance is that I am to be alone at least until the shift takes place and I am good with that. I am pathfinding and way-showing for humanity and playing my role in terms of bringing the shift to humanity. What is the shift? Humanity’s shared timeline has been and continues to be one of duality and scarcity and the shift is to birth a timeline of oneness and abundance. This timeline exists but is currently shared by only a small fraction of humanity. The shift is the process of creating conditions under which humanity collectively chooses this bright and beautiful timeline and we shift into adopting it as our shared reality. Huge stuff and being alone is a blessing as it allows my undivided attention and full resources.

Here is an example. I went to a party my daughter threw on her May 4th birthday, billed as May the Fourth be With You. My party strategy was to take up a chair at the kitchen island and let the party come to me. Not really a strategy, more a default as I did not feel like mixing and never feel like small talk. I have met perhaps half of the people on other occasions and several came over to exchange greetings. Then a pleasant surprise. Tamara’s massage therapist whom I had not met came over an we had a long chat.

She is very spiritual and guided in her work and the way she lives her life. Not trying to shift 3D but finding ways and helping others to find ways to access their inner wisdom and live life in authentic ways instead of fighting the system. She has been very successful in doing this and Tamara speaks very highly of the contributions this person has made on her journey. They have been interacting since about the turn of the century.

She has a website and I went looking for it intending to invite further communications. Nada… The Universe seems to want me without distractions. I respect that and continue to let the world come to me. Kind of my party strategy with a broader application.

Once the shift takes place my world will once again expand in ways that I can not even imagine. Until then I am to be devoted to holding space and grounding the energy of the shift.

Walking is one of the ways I do this. Earth is already in 5D and walks are now a natural high.

Freedom for humanity…


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