Truth will Out!

Someone sent me a short YouTube of former President Bush being interviewed following the Boston Marathon bombing. The interviewer links the bombing to 9/11; playing the ‘we are not safe from terrorism’ card and it is over to George W. who is flanked by his smiling and supportive wife. This linking is double edged as both George W. and the awakened population know both incidents were stage managed by the ruling elite as false flags attempting to keep the masses in fear and ignorance.

George W. stumbles and bumbles as he begins his reply and at one point starts the word ‘conspiracy’ but catches himself mid-word, using organized instead. His wife, still bravely smiling gives him a look. It is very funny. All day yesterday I would chuckle at random moments as this scene replayed itself unbidden in my mind.

Last night I wakened around 4 a.m. with the same scene playing in my mind but instead of humour I was feeling tremendous compassion. I was transported into the shoes of George W. and feeling what he and others within the inner sanctum of the ruling elite must be feeling.

What a trap they have laid for themselves! For years they got away with whatever they wanted; control of the media is a huge trump card…but slowly this cart blanche is evaporating. The media is still controlled but more and more people are awakening and the truth is seeping into our shared reality. The ruling elite’s attempts to camouflage it all and maintain their illusion are becoming more and more threadbare; easily seen through by more and more of the awakening population. It is a very difficult and stressful time for key members of the ruling elite, especially spokespersons such as George W. He knows he is lying and more and more of his audience knows he is lying. The truth will out!

In no way does my compassion condone the actions of the ruling elite. I stand shoulder to shoulder with my fellow humans and say, ‘Enough is enough. Your days as rulers are over! Time to step aside and let others take over. Time to end the timeline of duality, scarcity and fear. Time to create a new timeline of oneness, abundance and love.’

What my compassion recognizes is that we are indeed all one. Yes, what the ruling elite have done and continue to do is unacceptable…totally; and yet we are all one and the ruling elite is part of the oneness. They have unwittingly laid a huge trap for themselves where they have to continue to lie about nearly everything in order to maintain their power and their influence. To them, the thought of a world of truth is unthinkable. Suddenly, instead of obsequious interviewers and a media they control, truth is everywhere and their misdeeds are part of the truth we all share. Yikes!

And…there is nothing they can do to prevent this eventuality from becoming our shared reality. Look at the Boston bombing in comparison to 9/11. What a pale imitation. Instead of mass shock with freedom sapping legislation passed within days and the groundwork laid to invade Iraq, we have a stage-managed media circus with no coordinated forward going ruling elite plan. It shows how far humanity has come and how low the ruling elite has sunk.

Freedom and truth is so close. That truth hit me with such clarity last night.

Freedom for humanity…

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3 Responses to Truth will Out!

  1. Judy B says:

    I just started reading “bits’ of Paul Hellyer’s book…Light at the End of TheTunnel…I may not read it all….but good on him…he talks about the Cabal, the cover-up of the ET presence, how we have made use of their technology…and many other topics…he is quite vocal about all this…but perhpas because he is “an older gentleman” and a Canadian …he doesn’t garner attention…but 3 cheers to him…he even had Shirley Maclaine call him and meet with him….and I gather they continue to communicate…love it…Judy
    PS perhaps he doesn’t have the “belief” regarding the Ascension process that we share…but he does know we have to “change our course.” and the ET’s are here to assist…

    • Very well informed. No wonder his political career is no more.

      I say all we Lightworkers are part of a loosely knit team. Not garnering attention is not a surprise to me. He attempted to work within the system and of course it did not help him to be heard. Quite the opposite. Those who are well known have worked outside of the system or so it seems to me.

      I read Shirley McLean’s Camino in the summer of 2008, shortly after returning to Calgary. About half way through a friend called. He and his girlfriend had just walked the Camino! Awesome book chalk a block filled with tremendous information.


      • Judy B says:

        Yes, The Camino “fell into my hands” about a year ago…it is full of the weird and wonderful…wouldn’t Shirley be a fascinating dinner guest…!!

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