The Calm before the Storm

I haven’t written much since moving into my apartment at the beginning of May. Even my last entry involved little creativity as it was a slightly edited version of something I had written earlier in the spring.

At a surface level this concerns me. What is going on? Am I doing something wrong? That sort of thing. At a deeper level, at the level I enter when meditating and connect with the unseen I know there is nothing to be concerned about. At that deeper level where I access my guidance and oneness the reasons are clear.

Writing for me arises from inspiration. When there is no inspiration writing just does not happen. I have written by inspiration for close to two decades after starting to journal in the early to mid 1990s. I have a stack of journals two feet high, hard cover journals going back to 1994. When I started the blog three and a half years ago, my journaling stopped. It is the same process, just a different venue and it is now published instead of being my private process for uncovering my truth.

There was a time when I would try to force some writing but I quickly learned that this is fruitless and even when I produced a paragraph or two there was something missing and it went into the garbage. Now I wait for inspiration although I will nudge it a little on occasion.

Two reasons for a slowing of inspiration have been given me. The first and perhaps the most important is that humanity and the ascension process are in a kind of calm before the storm. Within that calm there is little new information; little to process. My truth, which is captured in two phrases, ascension as a process and inclusive ascension, has been set for several week now and little new information or new developments are coming to light. It is not that nothing is happening because lots is taking place behind the scenes as the forces of Light gain more and more advantage; but little is visible and little has shifted in our shared reality. My truth has remained essentially static since these major shifts dating back to the December solstice, now five months ago. Ergo, the information aspect of my writing and of this blog has been static.

The second reason is that my role in the current environment is to hold space and anchor the energies of oneness and abundance. Humanity is shifting into the timeline of oneness and abundance. This is the largest shift in recorded history and this shift is taking a lot of energy and a lot of will. I am contributing in my own way, clearing obsolete negative energy and anchoring the beautiful energies to which we are shifting; anchoring the energies of oneness, abundance and individual sovereignty.

Awesome stuff.

Freedom for humanity…

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