The Shift – by Transition

With the shift immanent, it seems appropriate to speculate on the most likely process for the shift to follow; but first lets define the shift.

For eons, at least the last ten thousand years and quite possibly much longer, humanity’s shared timeline has been controlled by self-interest. All of recorded history is within this timeline and as a consequence, many have the erroneous perception that self-interest is embedded in human DNA. In truth, love is embedded in human DNA and self-interest is a corruption. Self-interest is only supportable within a timeline of duality and scarcity. Both (duality and scarcity) have been artificially imposed upon humanity by the self-interested few.

Truth and the natural fabric of space support oneness and abundance. That is what Source created and that is what naturally evolves when self-interest does not interfere. That is the shift coming soon to Earth and to humanity. In simplest terms, humanity is shifting from a shared timeline of duality and scarcity…to a shared timeline based on oneness and abundance.

There are many ways this shift may happen but there is a clear front runner and that will be my focus for today’s blog.

Within true abundance money has no purpose and no value. All that we want is available either through abundance technologies or by our innate manifesting abilities. I do not fully understand manifestation but know the above statement is truth and will eventually become our shared reality. Eventually is the key word here as humanity is transitioning into true abundance. Quicker ways based on disclosure and the sharing of ET abundance technology remain possible but with the danger past, humanity is taking a lead role in effecting the shift and managing the transition. This is slower but maximizes humanity’s learning; an important aspect since humanity’s ascension is the first of its kind and a model that will be followed as the entire universe evolves and ascends.

In the slower shift money will remain a part of the transition. However, instead of corrupt monetary systems funnelling all the world’s wealth into a few self-interested pockets, the world’s immense wealth will be fairly distributed, perhaps redistributed is a more accurate description. Self-interest will be gone from the world’s financial systems and everyone will have enough money for all their survival needs and more. Ownership and control of the world banks will be taken from the hands of the self-interested few and a new system based on oneness and abundance will be implemented replacing the current unsustainable system.

Gone will be debt and interest payments as they are both artificial aspects of enforced scarcity.

I could write more on this but that only focuses on what I do not want and what will soon be no more…something I choose not to do.

These financial shifts are cued up and ready to go. The collective energy of humanity will now support these shifts. We are just playing the waiting game. I do not know when this shift will take place but like the Berlin Wall falling in the 1980’s, when the shift begins the transition will be breathtaking and the world will never again be the same.

Freedom for humanity…

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3 Responses to The Shift – by Transition

  1. One always comes to that question “why?” when looking at the greed and inequality that has existed for so long on this Earth. There must be a major, major league teaching or lesson we are learning through witnessing this state of affairs. The financial secrets like tax havens, insider trading and the like are being exposed. I agree with you that something very, very significant is occurring at this time. What are your thoughts on the teaching or lessons we are learning through this process? The realization by humanity that we are all one could very well answer that question. Thank you.

    • Ah yes, the question ‘why?’ Within limited consciousness I join you in speculating, Jerry. In February I came across some information that resonated deeply. It said the darkness from whence our sorry state of affairs originated was a rogue entity from outside of this universe. The darkness has been overcome, so there is no longer danger of failure, and we are now advancing toward the shift into Light. If you want more information it is in my blog in February called Cosmology according to Horus.

  2. I notice you have been blogging quite a while and into some heavy duty stuff. How do you keep yourself sane, man? (I think the thing is LOL) Just got a computer about a year ago. My guess is that you have visited the website I’ve read some there but man you are deep into it. I give you credit brother. I kind of like the Native American spirituality. Much less technical so to speak. Forgot the Native American’s name but I like the simplicity of his quote “It does not take many words to speak the truth.” If he were a blogger the posts would contain few words!

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