For years I walked the line between my conscience and self-interest. Mostly my conscience would prevail but on occasion, my small self sense of self-interest coupled with fear would win out.

Here is an example of the insidious nature of such things. I was at a party celebrating a new collective bargaining agreement with both management and union representatives. I was drinking heavily and lost my balance in a stair case. I righted myself but put a hole in the ceiling tile in the process. For some reason I decided not to report the incident and when the facilities manager asked about the damage I denied any knowledge. The situation escalated with the union being blamed and still I denied my involvement. Why? Fear and self-interest. I had somehow crossed the line and no longer felt I could tell the truth.

Seven years ago I made the decision to drop the self-interest loop from my decision making process and be guided solely by my conscience. My decision making process is now without the clutter and conflict of my small self perception of self-interest and I no longer run the risk of getting caught up in a lie or in secrecy of any kind.

Why bring this up? At this moment in human history we have and entire ruling class caught up in self-interest and they are guarding monumental secrets. This ruling class is well past the point of honouring truth. In fact they are completely dedicated to the repression of truth. Their ceiling tile is things like masterminding 9/11, laboratory developed diseases loosed on humanity, decades old cover-up of UFOs and ETs, corrupt financial systems, repression of free energy and much much more. Their standing in todays world is beyond reproach and the media treats them kindly and buys into the lies they tell.

What motivates this ruling class of people to tell the truth? Nothing…absolutely nothing. When I step into their shoes I can feel the trap they are in. Their position at the top of the pyramid becomes more precarious by the minute. These are desperate times from their perspective. All that they hold dear is being threatened, especially their favoured status. If the truth comes out instead of being revered and honoured they will be castigated and shunned. Ouch…and what would be their reward? Nothing they currently value. These are desperate people. Desperate people do desperate things.

That is an accurate description of the present day situation. Fortunately our ET friends are preventing the worst of these desperate measures but until the truth is outed, these people are doing and will continue to do their best to maintain the illusion they have created.

Interesting times.

I have nothing against these people at a personal level. I have been there and done that so who am I to judge. However; from the level of our shared timeline I say enough is enough. It is time to tell the truth and it is time for service to replace self-interest as the foundational value of those in charge.

Energetically that is what humanity has already decided and Lightworkers are bringing this shift to all of humanity. The current self-interested masters are resisting but the forces opposing them are too powerful, too varied and too numerous. The truth is like a giant tsunami and nothing can hold it back. The truth will wash over humanity and flush out the excesses of self-interest.

That shift is coming soon and I support it with the wholeness and the fullness of my being.

Freedom for humanity…


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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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