Lightworkers close Ranks

Writing this blog has been an amazing learning experience. Writing anything works that way for me. Sometimes it is subtle and subdued; other times it is ‘in my face’ as what I intended when I started writing is shifted in ways I could not have imagined; occasionally I have no idea what is going to appear on the page and just write allowing inspiration to take me where I am to go.

May has been a slow month for writing as I am writing only two or three times a week, down from the four or five that used to be my norm. It is not that May is a slow month; quite the reverse as the energies and shifts in my inner world have been intense. One day I did not even leave the apartment and napped the day away. A mild form of ascensionitis compared to some I know; but very intense in its own way.

In one way, these inner shifts are the main event as the individual shifts are causing the collective energy levels of humanity to rise and that is what will eventually tip humanity into shifting to a timeline conducive to mass ascension. I honour that knowing and cooperate whole heartedly in my own inner shifts; after all I cannot be a pathfinder and a way-shower and lag behind in assimilating the Light.

In another way, these inner shifts are not my main event…the inner shifts are not where I am currently placing my focus. My mission is wrapped up in the shared timeline, in creating a timeline of oneness and abundance and doing whatever is given me to do as this beautiful and beneficial timeline is adopted by humanity and becomes our shared timeline. This is the shift that currently has my attention and it remains my focus in each moment of now. I look for evidence of this shift in everything that comes my way and it is my focus in every action that I take. I hold space for this shift and anchor the energies of this shift into my world and into my personal space. This is what I was born to do and it is with great joy that I do this work.

A stalemate has developed in regards to the shift into a timeline of oneness and abundance. Those invested in the status quo continue to resist with everything they have left in their depleted arsenal. Gone are the days when they could create mass panic and fear. Gone are the days when they could lord it over the rest of us and create whatever they desired in terms of our shared timeline. But they are far from toothless and their resistance continues to stonewall the shift I desire. They continue their worldwide control of the mainstream media and their editorial policies of fear, scarcity and duality continue for all who will listen.

I have long boycotted the mainstream media as there is nothing in it of interest to me. My sources bring me the snippets of Light that are making it to the mainstream media. Other than that I leave well enough alone.

My focus is on the Lightworker community as they are the ones collectively creating the shift. I note with interest that this community is closing ranks. Those I once considered too strident and reactionary are mellowing and softening. This is especially true of the mass arrest camp as they are recognizing oneness within humanity and their former ‘us vs them’ approach has mellowed. The containment camp has also mellowed. Containment is truth for me and I see it working miracles in so many ways and so many places; but it is not the focus. The focus is oneness and abundance; containment is simply a tool in the toolbox.

Containment has been used sparingly. Only people and events that pose a serious threat to ascension have been candidates for containment. Bit players and those without ‘real’ power have been allowed free will. This is what we are now seeing. Various attempts to create and instil fear continue to happen and are not contained but the big stuff is not happening because it is contained. The ruling elite’s plans for global conflict do not materialize and no major explosions are being allowed; especially of the nuclear variety. The major players at the apex of the ruling elite were contained six or eight months ago and have thus been sidelined. No longer does a coordinated ruling elite game plan exist. That disappeared with the advent of containment.

Since this first strike containment has been used sparingly or not at all and is rarely talked about; again bringing us all toward the middle, bringing us all toward oneness.

Awesome times we live in.

Freedom for humanity…

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