Together – The Inclusive Ascension Timeline

I lack the inspiration to write as we await the Shift, eminent in my view. This was written at the end of April and sums up humanity’s present situation very nicely.

Together – The Inclusive Ascension Timeline
Posted on April 28, 2013 by freedom4humanity
The original ascension plan was for all of humanity to ascend on the December solstice of 2012; but the global control exerted by those favouring duality and scarcity prevented the necessary preparations and alternative plans had to be found.

The frontrunner was to split humanity in two parts. One part was ready and would ascend. The other part still had preparations to make and would remain in a third dimensional home to complete their preparations.

Those ascending would have an amazing time working within the wonders of the higher dimensions. The ascension event would have transcended the illusion of duality and scarcity, and those responsible for that illusion would have been left behind.

What about those left behind, those with preparations to make before ascending into the higher dimensions?

Not a pretty picture. All or at least a vast majority of Lightworkers ascended and are busy exploring the delights of the higher dimensions. All of the ruling elite remains within the third dimensional portion of humanity. In effect, they have gotten exactly what they wanted all along. They no longer have the resistance of the Lightworking community; all that remains are the human sheep to be exploited. The ruling elite’s control systems remain in place, as does their free will choice to take advantage of their fellows. Who would resist? Time for a lock-down.

I am not saying this portion of humanity could not have made their preparations and ascended later. I am saying it would have been a difficult journey for them fraught with peril, a journey that might well end up in disaster with the destruction of the 3D planet they called home. Just look at how close we are to destroying Gaia’s ecosystems and creating an planet uninhabitable for human life. Do you think a world without Lightworkers would fare better?

This is the dilemma that has long haunted me. Which way would I go? Would I join the rest of the Lightworkers and create in the ascended world or would I remain behind and complete that portion of my mission which is to be a pathfinder and way-shower for all of humanity to ascend? My hope when I began this journey was that we could shift into a timeline of oneness and abundance well in advance of ascension. In this timeline, truth comes to light and those manipulating things for personal gain behind the scenes are exposed. The wonders and the beauty of abundance are experienced by all and awaken everyone to what is possible. It is hard to imagine anyone choosing to remain in scarcity once this shift takes place.

That shift did not take place prior to the planned ascension event and much of humanity would have chosen to remain in the third dimension out of ignorance and an unfounded fear of the unknown; a very common fear within humanity.

I am so thankful for the last minute change in humanity’s ascension plan. I am so thankful that humanity’s ascension was slowed down and we remain together targeting an inclusive ascension event.

We are now in the final throes of initiating the shift into a timeline of oneness and abundance. Look at how difficult this has been and continues to be. Could those left behind have managed such a shift without the help of the Lightworking community? Perhaps, but it is so much better that we remained together and can work together to get it done…together.

Freedom for humanity…

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