Glenn Beck – Contained?

Two days ago I didn’t know who Glenn Beck was and when someone sent me a You Tube of him claiming that within twenty-four hours someone would be on his show with documented information that would bring down the establishment I had to go to Wiki to find out ‘who is this guy?’.

‘An American conservative television and radio talk show host’ … hmmm… an unlikely source to be predicting the establishment is coming down; don’t you think? But the guy seemed sincere and genuinely excited by it all. Something more was going on here. ‘Maybe the guy is contained and has switched horses,’ I thought.

Later in the day came a very touching You Tube entry where Glenn has lost his voice and uses cue cards that presumably he made up to make his point. It is about a dozen minutes long and consists of Glenn sitting in front of the camera with a stack of cue cards which he peels off one after another at a pace consistent with the reader’s comprehension capabilities; there is background music but no voice over and because Glenn has lost his voice no one utters a word.

Glenn’s voice was temporarily gone, vocal cords were paralysed, and the doctors assured him it will come back. His message was that he has changed, he has shifted due to this experience and he does some soul searching…of the estimated eighty-nine million words he has spoken on air, how many were healing, how many came from love? In the early days not many but this losing his voice experience has shifted him and he vows to do better when his voice returns. Like I said, it was very touching…I was moved and once again the thought came to me…this guy is contained; that is what this vocal cord paralysis is all about.

Later came confirmation as one of our angelic supporters referenced this situation and said Glenn is living the soul level contract he came to live…first as a voice supporting the corrupt establishment and then shifting to become a voice supporting the Light. All very consistent with what I had seen and the energy being given off by one Mr. Glenn Beck…former conservative backer of the status quo. Now we shall see.

It matters not that the twenty-four hours have come and gone and the establishment’s reign of power and control continues. It matters not that the person and their document did not yet go on public TV, on Glenn’s or any other program. That only means it is not yet Divine right timing. Such an event will happen and happen in the near future and when it does, Glenn’s claim of taking down the establishment is not hyperbole…that is exactly what will happen.

I can feel the energy of the shift each and every minute of the day and when I walk, the energy of the shifted Earth blows me away.

Glenn Beck will be a spokesman for the shift and a good one. Good on ya, Glenn.

Freedom for humanity…

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1 Response to Glenn Beck – Contained?

  1. Judy B says:

    Thanks John…I was “in the dark” about Good ol’ Glenn as welll !!

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