The House of Cards is about to Fall Down

The house of cards is about to fall down; oh happy day. What do you expect of house built on lies, deceit and the repression of truth. But don’t morn it, it had a nice long run; much longer than I anticipated. I have been predicting it’s demise now for about two years and been actively campaigning for its demise for much longer. If anyone had told me the house of cards would still be standing a year after the ruling elite’s final deadline for surrender I would have asked ‘What are you smoking?’ …and yet it is.

What are the major lies upon which the house of cards is built? That we are alone in the universe. That we are separate one from another. That scarcity exists and is the natural order of the world in which we live. Those are the major lies and each has a thousand variations.

When the house of cards falls down truth will be revealed and the truth is that we are not alone and our skies are filled with representatives of hundreds if not thousands of highly advanced civilizations from within this galaxy and beyond. The truth is that we are all one; one with each other, one with the Earth…our mother and our home, one with all those other civilizations that are camped out in our air space. The truth is that abundance is the natural order of this universe and each speck of space contains unlimited energy free for the taking because energy is never used up; it only changes form.

The house of cards still has supporters and I can feel their panic as the whistle blowers and their supporters become more emboldened by the day and support for the house of cards evaporates just as quickly. The scandals have only just begun. What do you expect when the major bastions of the house of cards are house hold names and institutions like the CIA and the FBI. It is going to be quite the show!!!

How long will the house of cards stay standing? It could be a matter of hours, a matter of days, or even a matter of weeks but I will be very surprised if the lid can be kept on this boiling pot until month end. The solstice is in a weeks time and big things happen around the solstice but the timing of the fall of the house of cards is an independent thing. Since humanity embarked on the inclusive timeline for ascension, the cards will fall when they fall; no sooner and no later.

The collective energy of humanity rises day by day, sometimes a little and sometimes a lot, and several weeks ago reached the level that will support the collective timeline of truth, oneness and abundance. The house of cards has subsisted on inertia and momentum and the pressures calling for its demise mount daily.

I am so excited, so filled with joy, so filled with love for my fellow man and for all our supporters.

The house of cards, of lies, deceit and the repression of truth, is about to come tumbling down. The new timeline of truth, oneness and abundance is about to be birthed and what a show it will be.

Freedom for humanity…

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