Calgary Flooding

Calgary is much in the news these days due to flooding of the Bow River which runs right through the centre of the city. I do not watch the news and live a couple of miles north and two hundred feet above the river so I learned about it from my internet friends; many of them asking if I was okay.

June is the normal high water month for the Bow River since it originates in the Rocky Mountains and June is historically the high snow melt month feeding the surging river before it makes the long trek across the prairies emptying into Hudson Bay via the Saskatchewan River.

I decided to go check it out for myself. It was raining when I left, adding to the flooding problem. I have no rain gear, not even an umbrella, but I don’t mind getting wet and so off I set. The rain quickly abated and the sun came out for most of the walk; all very nice.

There are lovely trails along the river and I took the high trails overlooking the river and it is very high. I had a high water mark on an island from last year and I went to check. The island is completely submerged and the walkways to get to the island is underwater or washed away. A well built walkway under Stoney Trail, one of Calgary’s freeways, is submerged and normally has a dozen feet of clearance at least. The river must be up 20 feet from normal high water levels; and very fast moving.

There were lots of fellow spectators. One informed me that she came to the river yesterday and was able to walk a portion of the trail now submerged under two or three feet of water. Another piece of information was added at a bridge closed for fear of it washing away. One of the policemen, a woman from Edmonton, who was guarding the entrance and had been there since the morning said the river has risen about four inches in the nine or so hours of her watch. It seems I was there at the crest or near to it.

All good fun unless you have a home in the submerged part of the valley and there are lots of them.

Meanwhile the energies of the full moon and the summer solstice continue to be beamed our way. The three hour walk was a nice interlude as I continue to hold space for the shift soon to come.


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  1. Judy B says:

    Glad you are fine John…just came by to see..cause I wondered…Judy B

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