The Energies of the Solstice and the Full Moon

Tremendous quantities of ascension energies are being beamed our way and events common to all of humanity, such as the solstice and the full moon, are chosen as times of heightened energy inputs. These impact us all but especially the Lightworkers, those dedicated to bringing ascension and the related shifts to humanity’s shared timeline.

In a way, I hesitate to call these ascension energies since ascension is still some time off, at least three months and quite likely longer, as the inclusive ascension process has its own timing and schedule determined by humanity’s collective light quotient and collective readiness for the ascension process. The danger of ascension being derailed or withheld from a portion of humanity is now past. Humanity will ascend together!

Thus the energies of the solstice and the full moon are designed for the dual purpose of supporting humanity’s shift into the timeline of oneness and abundance (which applies equally to the third as well as the fifth dimension) and the longer term process of ascension itself which is when humanity collectively takes the leap into the higher dimension with its shifted rules of physics and its higher levels of consciousness.

For many reasons, the shift into the timeline of oneness and abundance comes first and a primary reason is this shift is necessary to give the fence sitters and the those bathed in fear a taste of what life is like in the higher dimensions. For those imbued in the fading 3D reality of fear, duality, scarcity and misinformation this shift is a necessary precursor of inclusive ascension. How else are they to know that the higher dimension has goodies for them and is not something to be feared and especially not something to be avoided.

Thus the solstice and full moon energies have a large component of supporting this shift. It is really one and the same as the same or similar energies support both agendas, energies of love, energies of heightened awareness, energies of tolerance and energies of forgiveness. You were bathed in such energies in ever heightening intensity and the solstice and full moon had the highest levels ever in the history of humanity. The higher our collective light quotient, the higher our capabilities of integrating and assimilating light bearing energies.

Everyone is different, everyone is unique. For me the energies laid me low like a hangover or a flu without the negative symptoms of these maladies. I sleep…and sleep…and sleep. lol

A couple of days ago, I was feeling some dissonance with the incoming energies and meditated asking the reason. ‘You are hanging onto things that do not serve you and are unnecessary as you move forward.’ Okay…that was all the information I needed or wanted and surrendered all that did not serve and welcomed the new energies. That made the process much easier and far more enjoyable.

Hydration is something else I will mention. Last night and into the morning was an intense period for the energies in my case and I sleep the clock around. When I finally returned to normal functioning I drank about two litres of water, not all at once but over a period of an hour or two. I was dehydrated plane and simple; and the energies were the cause. The shifts in DNA and such use up water and it must be replenished. This I have done.

Awesome stuff and I welcome the coming shifts and increased energetic levels, bleary eyes and all.

Lets shift our timeline folks…it is not far off.

Freedom for humanity…

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Serving Humanity with information about the ongoing process of bringing freedom to humanity; ending 60,000 years of dark control and domination.
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