Basel Accord

Basel is a Swiss city on the Rhine River as it exits Switzerland with Germany on one side and France on the other. Most of Basel is in Switzerland but parts are in Germany and France. Basel is an industrial city but the primary industry of long standing is the banking industry.

Ever wonder how the Swiss remained sovereign during both great wars? Mountains offered some protection but the bankers lent money to both sides to finance their war efforts and part of the deal was the country was not to be invaded.

The Swiss are famous for their banks and lay rightful claim to the title of banking capital of the world. Swiss tennis star Roger Federer was asked what he did with all his money, ‘We are Swiss…what do you think we do do with our money?’ and everyone laughed. Swiss banks are famous for many things and foremost among them is anonymity. They are famous for their secrecy.

Corruption and secrecy go hand in hand. The few rich bank owners have untold wealth and layer upon layer of secrecy to hid their wealth behind. They are at the very centre of the cabal, the financial epicentre of the ruling elite. All of that is about to change and it is fitting that the new banking protocols were developed in the Swiss city of Basel and are collectively known as the Basel Accords.

This is an extremely complex situation but the essentials are easy enough to understand. The corrupt banking industry has used two instruments to bring financial tyranny to the entire world with few holdouts. Those instruments are debt and compound interest. Different methods have been used in different countries but these two instruments are common the world over.

In the US, the Federal Reserve lent the US government money to cover their deficits despite the constitutionally enshrined right to print their own money and that interest bearing debt is now in the trillions of dollars. In Canada, the Bank of Canada was usurped by privately owned banks in the sixties and seventies with similar results. Third world countries often had corrupt leaders who borrowed and misspent huge sums and the lending banks then called the shots. ‘He who controls the debt controls everything.’ is the banker’s secret motto.

The Basel Accord is about preventing an economic melt-down and initially at least does not address the ‘real issues’ but it is a start and will lead to shifting everything. Debt will be forgiven. Interest will resume its illegal status. Transparency will replace secrecy. Instead of self-interested banking targets of profit and enslavement, the banks will target service and abundance. Now that is banking I can support.

Who can we thank for this banking miracle soon to become our shared reality? Resistance to the corrupt banking system initially came from five countries: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa and they became know as the BRICS Alliance. Russia and China have been particularly instrumental in averting global economic collapse, part of the cabal’s plan to bring in a centralized form of world government under their control.

The Basel Accord has been approved by many of the world’s banks and is soon to be rolled out world wide. The last bastion of support for the corrupt existing system has been the US and that is shifting voluntarily or not.

We know how to operate banking systems for the good of all and the Basel Accord has protocols to do just that.

Coming soon to the country in which you live. Banks that serve the people and distribute wealth to everyone. Coming soon…the Basel Accords.

Freedom for humanity…

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2 Responses to Basel Accord

  1. katelon says:

    Thanks for that explanation. Hope the articles I sent on were helpful. Perhaps the abundance programs will now be rolled out immediately.

  2. Judy B says:

    What Katelon said…thank you for this explanation John…I am much in the dark regarding how our abundance will begin to flow…this helped a lot…Judy

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