Raising Consciousness

In the big picture, the raising of humanity’s consciousness is the target of all the interventions and all the energies being beamed to Earth and to humanity. Source knows, as do all our ET and Angelic supporters, that by raising human consciousness all the rest will fall into place. The reverse is also true…the shift into the timeline of oneness and abundance cannot happen until the collective human consciousness reaches high enough levels and that shift is unsustainable at lower levels of human consciousness. All in all; the raising of human consciousness is the focus and the key to humanity’s ascension.

There are many reports of consciousness being raised and different takes on this individual inner process by various individuals. July seems to have opened the floodgates and many wayshowers are reporting groundbreaking personal experiences. Some have words to describe their experience and others do not. My experience fits into the indescribable category for two reasons. The first is that I am unsure of what it all means; yes, my third eye in particular has been activated in new ways but I really don’t have words to describe the experience. Second, my focus continues to be on birthing the collective timeline of oneness and abundance and for me, the raising of my inner consciousness is a side issue. That is something that is happening but not my focus.

My gift to humanity is the birthing and installation of the timeline of oneness and abundance. My contribution to this human initiative is energetic and I have no doubt that the raising of my inner consciousness is contributing to my ability of make energetic contributions. The two are going hand in hand.

July has been a key month in the battle for humanity’s collective timeline. A year ago, the key decision makers of the ruling elite declined the option of surrendering to the Light at the June solstice and July 2012 saw containment being rolled out. Containment eliminated the ruling elite’s central planning capabilities and neutralized the key leaders of the ruling elite, those calling the shots and coordinating efforts aimed at preventing ascension.

This July is seeing the raising of individual consciousness at unprecedented levels. Where it is all leading is clear. Humanity is shifting into the timeline of oneness and abundance. Hip, hip, hurray.

How long it will take before the old timeline of economic slavery, duality and scarcity is replaced by the new timeline of oneness and abundance is anyone’s guess. It will happen, it cannot be otherwise; but when…that is the operative question. From the perspective of Source and our off-world supporters, the raising of human consciousness is all that really matters. Raise human consciousness and the rest will happen of its own accord. From my perspective which is living on Earth as a human being and part of the human collective, the shift is long overdue and will end the suffering that I see all around me.

My kids continue to go off to work and remain focused on paying their mortgages etc. Many of my friends continue to suffer from economic hardships of one form or another. Wars and oppression continue in various parts of the world. The banking cartels continue to rake it in and get handsomely paid off by interest bearing debts the world over. The oil industry continues fracing and raking in gigantic profits. The list goes on and on.

When I join my guides and off-world supporters and look at the overview…I can see that raising consciousness is the key. But when I ground myself and take my role as a human being serving humanity and Mother Earth I am impatient to effect the shift. Enough is enough. I stand and say ‘No More!’ It is time to shift into the timeline of oneness and abundance. It is time for the illusion of scarcity and duality as created and maintained by the ruling elite to end.

Amazing times we are living. It is time to shift into the collective timeline of oneness and abundance.

Freedom for humanity…


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  1. Wonder Woman says:

    “I second that emotion!” just a bit of Smokey Robinson on that one. . . .

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