What is happening and has happened in Egypt is a very big deal…a very big victory for the Light! Awesome to see thirty million people rise up and say, ‘We want Light intended governance! The present government does not represent us or have our best interest at heart.’ Awesome to see the military of Egypt align with the people and demand positive change.

What is happening now in Egypt has its roots in February 2011. A group of youthful protestors used the internet to envision and organize a non-violent protest targeting two objectives – regime change and ‘bread, freedom and human dignity’. Using Cairo’s Tahrir Square as their public base the protest grew and they succeeded in their first objective of regime change as the corrupt and unpopular regime of Mubarak was overthrown.

Their second objective of ‘bread, freedom and human dignity’, a chant used by the 2011 protestors, did not happen and the dark swept into the power vacuum created by the regime’s overthrow and succeeded in winning the resulting negotiations. The youthful leaders were either cowed by threats or lost their constituents through the magic of regime change and a new regime, equally loyal to self-interest and the ruling elite, both of Egypt and of the the outside world, was installed.

In many ways that regime was as bad as or worse than the one that had just fallen. The ruling elite lived in fear of a repeat performance since they know they have no defence against the people’s will when it is coordinated and expressed non-violently. And so the regime used all the dirty tricks that the dark has developed over the years. Religious infighting, repression of political opposition, corruption within the governing class and mass poverty.

That lasted for nearly a year and a half.

Then the country’s youth once again organized a non-violent protest. The people rose up enmasse in support of the same two objectives. The police and then the military had already been won over by the non-violent protestors seventeen months ago and the current regime came crashing down.

The media and even the internet is a poor source of information about this popular revolution. The media is still owned and controlled by those who are deathly afraid of the energies behind the protests and their editorial policy is to paint the entire event in the darkest light possible. They know the sleeping giant that slumbers the world over in the minds and hearts of the people and the last thing they want is to bring attention to the positive change that is possible by coordinated peaceful and non-violent protests; and so they have painted the shift as a coup.

Well in one way it is a coup but far different from the darkly intended coups that have dotted human history. This is a coup of the Light intended people of Egypt backed by the Light intended faction of the military bringing Light to the darkness that has governed Egypt for so long.

How it will all work out is still very much in doubt and the forces of darkness still have a few teeth but the forces of Light are awakened and a formidable force for positive change. There is even talk of an Light intended Egyptian bank and the overthrow of the ruling elite’s banking systems which have enslaved all of Egypt. That is what was done in Iceland and that is the model the world will soon use.

What is happening in Egypt is a precursor of what will soon happen worldwide as the people wake up and demand Light intended governance worldwide.

Exciting times to be alive.

Freedom for humanity…

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Serving Humanity with information about the ongoing process of bringing freedom to humanity; ending 60,000 years of dark control and domination.
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3 Responses to Egypt

  1. Mike Knoche says:

    Unless it is an election it is a coup. Can I ask where you reside?

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