Our world is transitioning from darkness into the Light and key players in the piece are the Russians.

Russia itself has been transitioning into the Light ever since Stalin died in 1953. Khrushchev, the man who succeeded Stalin, was much vilified in the Western press but was a major step toward the Light and his choices during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 averted a nuclear war. Thirty years after Khrushchev came Gorbachev’s glasnost (freedom of speech) and Yeltsin’s courage and the repressive Soviet Union came tumbling down in 1991 giving political independence of all those countries that did not want to be Russian.

We now have Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev as the leaders of the Russian people. Medvedev is likely to be a key player in disclosure and is a man living his Divine mission here on Earth. Putin is a more checkered persona, ambitious in the extreme and an opportunist; at least that was the persona driving his personal bus until he was placed in containment a year ago. His containment was short lived as his soul mission was and is to play his role as a champion of the Light in these transitional times. In containment, this truth became self evident, and Putin has become a powerful proponent of the Light ever since. It doesn’t hurt that the Light is the winning side and Putin recognizes that fact so the two main forces in his being are now aligned and working smoothly together toward victory by the Light.

The ruling elite and humanity’s current shared timeline of duality and scarcity have their power base in the USA and western Europe. The bastions of our current timeline all reside in these locations, the corrupt and self serving banking cartels, the Vatican, the major oil companies, the CIA, the United Nations etc. etc.

It is coming to light that the ruling elite’s secret plan was to oversee a world economic collapse and parlay the discontent and panic that ensued into a world war with the intention of wiping out a high percentage of the world’s population. The rulers would then win the peace negotiations that followed and become the world’s masters in the New World Order with the remnants of humanity serving as their slaves.

The Russians have been key players in preventing this plan, and its first leg of economic collapse, from coming to fruition. The Chinese have also been key players but my focus is on the Russians because they are practicing what they preach in a far more visible way; pursuing human rights within their borders in concert with their intention to bring these values into world governance. (In contrast, the Chinese have gone backwards in terms of their internal rights and freedoms.)

An example of Putin’s statesmanship is his advice to NSA whistleblower Snowden saying if Snowden wished to be granted political asylum in Russian he should stop attempting to harm those Putin regards as ‘his American partners’ as all must work together to bring Light based changes to our world. Putin has it exactly right. There is a growing groundswell of Light based politicians within the US and also in Western Europe. The shift into the Light will be world wide and not based only in Russia.

Calgary has lots of Russian emigrants and lots of Russian visitors. Not long ago I was approached by a couple in their sixties looking for a pubic washroom. Their English was limited and my Russian is non-existant but we communicated well enough and I led them to a nearby public washroom that I knew well. On the way I learned they hailed from near St. Petersburg. Lovely people and a sure sign that the shifts in Russia extend well beyond glasnost.

White hats on the Russians is not something I expected growing up in the era of Russian communism and the state’s repression of human rights but in terms of resisting the ruling elite’s world aims, no nation on earth has more experience or carries more authority. I stand in concert with my Russian friends and neighbours in seeking an end to the dark timeline of duality and scarcity and the birthing of the Light based timeline of oneness and abundance.

Thank you, my Russian friends; a heart-felt thanks from me on behalf of all of humanity.

Freedom for humanity…

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Serving Humanity with information about the ongoing process of bringing freedom to humanity; ending 60,000 years of dark control and domination.
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