A Dream

I was wakened this morning at daybreak by a vivid and upsetting dream.

In the dream, I was at ground zero for a nuclear explosion. The dream had several segments and in none of them did the bomb actually explode. I knew it was intended and all segments of the dream were in the quiet moments of timelessness before the anticipated event actually occurs. In one segment there are four of us in a vehicle, a car but not a car, and an acquaintance from thirty five years ago was attempting to join us in the vehicle. One of us, not me, shooed him away, sent him to the safety of a mine shaft near by as we continued to silently wait, exposed but doing what we were intended to do. Somehow we were protected in that vehicle and somehow we were hoping to protect the world in which we lived from the nuclear blast.

I was shaken by the dream and got up to meditate. In my meditations I was first partially containing the blast and directing its force into an empty seam in space and this morphed into total containment with me being the container. Interesting.

I then went back to sleep and woke at my normal hour but the effects of the dream remained with me. The quiet anticipation within a zone of knowing that the bomb was going to go off and that somehow I was protected and through that protection we would save the world where we lived from devastation. Not sure how but that much was clear; at least at the level of intention.

Also not sure where we were or what timeline we were on. As I write some things are becoming clear. The timeline was from a past life experience and a memory from my soul. Nuclear blasts fragment the soul and that is what happened on this occasion and part of the dreams function was gathering together the fragments and becoming whole again. The reason the dream included no explosion was because memories were obliterated by the blast and the fragmentation thus created. My meditation was therapeutic but containment did not happen in that reality.

This type of future was planned for this lifetime by those who are losing power but has not happened and will not happen because of all the help humanity is receiving from ET and Angelic supporters which is preventing a similar experience in this shared timeline.

This shattering of the soul creates its own timeline and sets many things in motion. Somehow I am living the gathering back together of the fragments; a bittersweet experience. Not sure of all that is in play here but this lifetime and this body appear pivotal in the process.

Feeling better.

As a side note or backdrop, all day was a severe case of ascension flu. In my experience this is a complete lack of motivation and the desire to sleep and sleep and sleep. I managed a short walk in the early afternoon but otherwise napped the day away and retired early. lol

Freedom for humanity…


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One Response to A Dream

  1. katelon says:

    Powerful dream John. It is like shamanic work where they gather back parts of you that have been lost. Much of the work I’ve been doing this last 8+ months has been gathering back to me pieces that I gave away when I gave my power away. Powerful stuff!

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