Financial Shifts are Underway

Information is beginning to trickle in that the long awaited financial shifts are being implemented. That is awesome news.

The details are things like currency re-evaluation beginning with the Iraqi Dinar, debt forgiveness beginning in third world countries and transfers of wealth. The details will come out in good time. What is important in the overview is that the self interested ruling elite who have been controlling world finances for decades either have been or are being shunted to the side and people supporting oneness and abundance are taking the reigns of financial power.

The implications of this are immense and far reaching. With abundance the target of those controlling world finances things like free energy go from being repressed to being on the front burner. Our ET supporters have allies and supporters in the forefront of world finances and disclosure moves smoothly and quickly into place. Taxes and corruption cannot long be sustained. Militaries the world over will see downsizing and outright elimination. In short we enter the golden era of life here on Earth.

The financial shifts are very much a temporary thing as in the higher dimensions money is not used or needed. All of this is part of the transition, part of coddling humanity and moving into ascension and the higher dimensions in an orderly fashion. I am entirely in favour of this slow transitional approach and support it in every way I know how.

My contributions to these shifts have been energetic in nature and that has been my experience these last couple of days. Anchoring the new energy and holding space for it within the hologram that is humanity’s shared reality.

With the old order sidelined, who is stepping into the financial vacuum? In keeping with the concept of an orderly transition, many of the old institutions remain. Even the Federal Reserve, the corrupt US privately owned bank that has been paid billions in tax dollars every year because of the interest bearing debt created when they printed US currency remains but is no longer privately owned; now part of the US Treasury. The IMF (International Monetary Fund) remains a key player but its leadership is now fully supportive of oneness, abundance and debt forgiveness. The Russians and the Chinese are key players in the role out and the BRICS Alliance (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) is part of the guiding hand.

I am not all that knowledgeable of the details or the order of things and like the rest of the world I stand and watch. It promises to be quite the show.

Freedom for humanity…

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