A Call for Compassion

The young man engaged to my granddaughter expresses an unusual level of interest in what I do and an even more unusual level of understanding as I share my fundamental beliefs and some of the experiences upon which they are based. We will call him Gary, not his real name, as I have not asked his permission as yet to include him in my blog.

One of my grandson’s had his first birthday party on Saturday and Gary sought me out to ask of my recent experiences. It is a rare treat for me to be able to expound at length and in depth to someone who gets it and who participates wholeheartedly in a mutual exploration of this new and rarely trodden territory.

I covered the entire freedom4humanity waterfront; the ruling elite, the movement to liberate humanity from their self-interested clutches, ET and Angelic supporters, the institutions which support the lies upon which our current reality of duality and artificial scarcity is based, free energy, economic slavery and the changed world into which we are moving. ‘I sure hope this happens soon’ was Gary’s intermittent punctuation.

Part of what I shared was my current experience of initiating and supporting the shift currently underway of moving from the timeline of duality and artificial scarcity into the shared timeline of oneness and abundance. ‘At what level are you contributing? Physically or mentally?’ asked Gary.

‘I am not participating at the physical level, my contributions are at the energetic level’, and Gary gets it. I have been thinking more about this since our conversation and a better explanation is that there is a level of creation where all things are first created before they are made manifest in physicality. This level is like the architects and draftsmen for a new home. First the home is created at the level of imagination and thought; the blue prints are drawn up and only then do the builders put a shovel in the ground and begin the process of building what has been designed and detailed. My role is energetically supporting those who are putting the first shovels in the ground; coordinating humanity’s shaky and still tentative steps to manifest the timeline of oneness and abundance. In essence, humanity is making a fundamental shift from world governance by the self-interested to world governance by those supporting individual sovereignty, truth and abundance.

Little wonder the shift is taking so long in the birthing. This shift changes everything…and I mean everything.

As we talked, Gary shared this and that about his background. He was born into a devote Mormon family and wholeheartedly bought in during his formative years. ‘How was it that you broke out of that paradigm?’ I asked.

Gary looked at me and decided to take a chance…’I will tell you the truth; I was doing weed’ his euphemism for marijuana. I have no prejudices against marijuana and in that moment I understood the world’s damnation of mind-altering drugs in ways I never had previously. They pose a great threat to the ruling elite because of experiences like that of Gary’s. Some people have life altering experiences through the window sometimes afforded by such substances. It becomes clear to them that their current worldly existence is based upon lies. Wow…that changes everything.

Truth is not necessarily part of this experience but the fact that what they have been living is a lie is abundantly clear. ‘How did that make you feel?’ I asked. Bitter and disillusioned, was the answer. ‘How has that affected your family relationships?’ Basically Gary is estranged from the rest of his still devote family.

Imagine what will happen when the shift occurs and the masses are forced to come to the same conclusion as Gary came to two or three years ago. They too will feel bitter and disillusioned. They too will feel lied to and deceived; because that is the truth of the matter.

Lets treat them compassionately.

Freedom for humanity…

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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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2 Responses to A Call for Compassion

  1. katelon says:

    I agree that you are indeed doing work on an energetic level to assist humanities shift at this time. But I’d also like to acknowledge that you are also doing work on the physical such as the assistance you have given to me and even your writing of the blog!

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