The Internet

The single most important technological development in the human success of the Light has been the internet. The ruling elite believed they could control the internet and use it for their secret agenda to gain total control over humanity… an agenda that has become known as the New World Order. It turned out that the internet got away on the ruling elite and they lost control and despite their best efforts and legislated success, especially in the US through such things as the Patriot Act, the internet has served Lightworkers far more effectively than it has served the ruling elite and their agendas of misinformation and the suppression of truth and enlightenment.

I need look no farther than my own personal experience to demonstrate some of the key factors that have allowed Lightworkers and Truth to benefit from the internet.

A few days ago I was awakened shortly after falling asleep for the night and went to check the internet. Sure enough, there was someone making a plea for help on a spiritual issue within one of the internet groups to which I belong. I was aware of this person but we had previously not communicated directly. The issue concerning this person was within an area of my expertise and I began by sharing some of my experiences and some of the principles at work when dealing with this particular spiritual issue. I could tell the other person, whom we will call by the fictitious name of Karen, did not trust me initially and who can blame her but we spent an hour or so dialoguing on the issue and built trust in the process.

The larger issue Karen is working on is to clear away negative energy from her experiences in this lifetime and she began sharing some her stories about times and places still carrying residual negative energy. My role was three fold, to share some of my similar experiences so she could feel the inclusive energy such work draws upon, to draw upon my learning having travelled a similar path over the past couple of decades, and perhaps most importantly to hold space energetically and encourage her toward success.

My guides in the unseen were very active in this process and several times I was prompted in unusual ways. One of Karen’s stories was of saving the life of a scuba buddy during a training session in the 1970s. The story had a profound impact on me even though I have nothing of a similar nature in this lifetime.

I made the comments I was guided to make and retired for the night. In the wee hours I was awakened and the story was sitting sideways within me. Clearly I was to take some action and went back on the internet asking some questions that had been provided as I slept. My friend was off-line so dialogue was not possible but sleep still would not come. I am an experienced meditator and entered into meditation asking what more I was to do. ‘Thank her’ was the answer and I went back on the internet thanking Karen on behalf of humanity for her heroism on that long ago day. Sleep came easily once this was done.

The next morning we completed the dialogue as Karen prepared to continue her spiritual journey and make a clean slate for the next phases of her life in these pivotal times.

Lets look at some of the factors at play here:

Inputs by guides and angels from beyond the veil:
At several points in this interaction my guides and supporting angels provided me with wake up calls and an intuitive knowing about what would serve Karen and me in our dialogue. Twice I was wakened in the night to do their bidding and each time I made internet inputs, my guides corresponded through me, inspiring my questions and the guidance I provided. Strange things happen on the internet and I never doubt the hidden hand at work from beyond the veil.

Small world:
Karen and I do not know each other and have never met in this lifetime. She lives thousands of miles away in a foreign country. The internet allowed us to connect and without the internet that simply would not have been possible. That does not suggest that some other assistance may have been provided to Karen but the net is cast much broader and my taylor made similar experiences would not have been available to Karen.

The internet group has allowed others a window into the sharing of experiences and opinions by like minded people. Invaluable as humanity moves forward into birthing the timeline of oneness and abundance.

These advantages fall solely to the Lightworking community and to Truth as the nefarious agenda of the ruling elite cannot be shared in broad daylight; nor is it supported from beyond the veil. That is a recent shift as dark agendas used to have ample support from dark agents in other dimensions and various off world supporters. The leaders of these dark forces have all surrendered to the Light’s agenda or been defeated in one way or another.

The Earth’s ruling elite now stand alone and soon the internet aided united efforts of Lightworkers, both on planet and off, will effect a shift and the timeline of oneness and abundance will be birthed into our physical reality.

Exciting times…

Freedom for humanity…


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