I was guided to go walking last evening and drawn toward McMahon Stadium, (capacity nearly 40,000) about a 45 minute walk away from where I live. I could hear music coming from the direction of the stadium and wondered what was up. Ten or fifteen minutes into my walk I began to get discomfort in my solar plexus chakra; nothing major but something was there. I stopped and centred myself, attempting to ground the energy, which is a standard practice for me over the past couple of years as one of the services I am providing humanity during these transitional times is to clear negative and obstructive energy. Usually, the energy is ready to go and after collecting in my body is easily discharged either to earth or to the heavens where it is transformed into positive energy. One of the laws of our current physics is correct. Energy can neither be created nor destroy, it simply transforms.

This energy was not ready to be discharged and I continued my walk, wondering ‘What is this all about?’ with this low grade pain and discomfort in my solar plexus. I ‘knew’ it was energetic rather than physiological and continued on my way taking the northerly route to the stadium. This route has a long sightline to the pedway that crosses the nearby freeway and provides pedestrian access to the stadium from the train station and the north east portions of the city. The pedway was awash with people making their way to the stadium, young people mostly and dressed casually for a summer outing.

I joined the procession and asked a scalper, ‘What is the event?’ ‘Flood relief concert’ was his curt reply, he had work to do. lol I thanked him and continued on my way, skirting the stadium and enjoying the music and the crowd energy which masked but did not dispel the discomfort. I like circle routes and headed back toward a mall near my home and as the Stadium receded, so did the energy.

I was completely wiped out by the time I reached home and had a long nap, waking to check out the TV coverage of the concert (the stadium was packed to overflowing) and listen to the music, quite audible from my apartment which faces the direction of the Stadium. What was that all about? I wondered.

Answers often come in the night and today, I know the energy and the experience was all about exploitation. The entire flood situation has been exploited by the ruling elite, something they do routinely and with great expertise.

The universe sent me little tidbits of information so I could piece together the exploitation aspects of the flood and its aftermath. Homeowners cannot buy flood insurance here in Canada but businesses can. Why is that? Exploitation. In a check out line a flood victim began talking to me and she had been exploited in a variety of ways; by the car rental people, by the insurance company, on and on. ‘I keep wondering when my money will run out’ she half joked.

The controlled media has exploited the flood non-stop; spreading their brand of fear and scarcity, playing on the empathy and the emotions of their listeners. The flood relief concert is all about exploiting the negative energies of the flood and milking the situation for all the fear and scarcity it can generate. The musicians were being exploited and those attending were being exploited. Sure, some small percentage of the proceeds would find its way to needy flood victims but most of the money is skimmed off the top and best of all, from the ruling elite’s point of view, the negative aspects of the long past flood remain in the headlines.

Somehow I was clearing aspects of all of this. That is what the solar plexus energy was all about and that is what wiped me out. Yes, the victims of the flood were hard hit economically and many need relief. Isn’t that what governments are for? Instead the ruling elite uses the emotions of the situation to stick their hands into the pockets of the general public and skims off a large portion of the money coughed up.

This is shifting and my walk and its aftermath is all part of that shift. Soon humanity will be birthing the timeline of oneness and abundance and exploitation will be a thing of the past.

Freedom for humanity…


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