Birthing the Timeline of Oneness and Abundance (Timing)

I continue to believe no one knows the timing of the Event, the name more and more being attached to the Cosmic raising of the universal energy that we expected at the December solstice eight months ago. Not even Source knows in my opinion, as Source is allowing humanity’s free will to influence it.

The related but independent event which I call the Shift is at the focal point of all of this and my ‘knowing’ is becoming stronger that the Shift will preceed the Cosmic Event and is therefore influencing the timing. Without the need for the Shift, the Cosmic Event would have taken place as long planned at the December solstice of 2012.

What is the Shift? Humanity has been on the timeline of duality and scarcity. This is the dark’s timeline developed and implemented by highly advanced dark forces from off planet and maintained by humanity’s ruling elite; with the support and technology given them by off-world dark forces. In the mid-1990’s, the majority of the dark forces surrendered to the Light’s agenda and earth’s ruling elite were advised to do likewise. They declined and continued to use the many advantages given them to continue the exploitation and subjugation of the rest of humanity. That tact continues to this day with the corrupt world financial systems continuing to pour money into the pockets of the few ruling elite, their corporations and militaries continuing to exploit humanity, their repression of Truth and abundance technologies, and their lock-down control of all major media outlets so the majority of humanity has no clue what is happening.

The Shift is the birthing of the timeline of oneness and abundance so humanity’s third dimensional reality is more in tune with the Ascended reality of fifth dimensional earth. When humanity requested, and was granted, a time extension so all of humanity could ascend together, the Shift became humanity’s to make and humanity’s free will began to directly impact the timing of the Cosmic Event.

Of course, the Cosmic Event could proceed at any time as it is not dependent on humanity’s choices or humanity’s progress; however, Source is vitally interested in humanity succeeding for a number of reasons and high on the list is the anticipated contributions humanity will make to bringing all of the universe back to Source, back to the Light. The learning humanity is gaining through making the Shift and defeating the dark agendas of the current timeline is of utmost value as the universe continues its upward climb into higher consciousness. The more humanity learns, the greater will be their Light filled contributions as the universe returns to Source. For this reason, I believe Source is allowing humanity to make the Shift…prior to the planned Cosmic Event raising consciousness universally.

As the Shift nears, I am feeling how deeply entrenched the timeline of duality and scarcity really is. This is amazing work we (humanity) are doing in birthing the oneness and abundance timeline; and more and more it feels to me like Source is respecting humanity’s space in terms of letting us do it. None of this suggests we are not being helped big time by ETs, Angelics and Source, because we are, but it is humanity’s to do…no one else’s.

People who claim to know the timing of either the Shift or the Cosmic Event are in my view charlatans, either knowingly or not. One such well known person comes to mind and my trust for him has not grown in the least. There is a sales technique called bait and hook where you set the price low to get someone interested and then keep raising it in the resulting negotiations. That feels like what he has done and is doing. Oh the Event is near…oh, not so near, etc. etc.

It is my view that when humanity requested time to make ascension an inclusive event, that Source listened and granted that request. It is now up to humanity to make the Shift into the timeline of oneness and abundance and nothing major will happen until this shift is effected.

In cosmic time, the resulting delay is nothing, merely the blinking of an eye, the cosmic eye in this case. LOL

Freedom for humanity…


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