Last Legs

A friend and I had a chat room conversation that included much useful information. My friend’s name is changed and the conversation is slightly edited but has lots of useful information: Enjoy…

John: We are changing all that, Linda…that is the work I and many others are doing. The ruling elite is actually on their last legs and what you see is their ‘last gasp.’

Linda: I know that you are doing that on the etheric level…however, it doesn’t seem like there is much evidence on the physical plane…no one names names of the ruling one calls them out….
Millions have lost homes or had to sell on a short-sale….market crashed…
Many are unemployed….
Costs of food and gas keep rising…

John: Agreed on all counts.
Physical reality is the last to change, and physical reality continues to follow the timeline of duality and scarcity.

That does not mean my statement that the ruling elite is on their last legs is incorrect.
All change is made at the etheric level first and then comes into physical reality. At the etheric level, the Light has already won. Soon that victory will be reflected in our physical reality.

Linda: How do you define the ruling elite?

John: The ruling elite are the self-interested minority that currently controls the world.

Linda: How many is there? Hundreds? Thousands? Or is it 15?
Somewhere I read 15…

John: The inner circle of the ruling elite is very small. They set the agenda the rest of us have danced too. My etheric meeting was with about a dozen people and half of them were the planners. My guess is there is no more than 50 at this level. But they are supported by several more levels; each with segments of the total plan. That is how the ruling elite works…only those at the very top have the complete plan.
The total of the ruling elite is in the millions and there are lots of hangers on and wanta bees; so tens of millions world wide.
Yes, people like the CEO you mentioned are part of the ruling elite; although likely not full fledged members; many are opportunists supporting the ruling elite’s agenda and reaping the rewards of so doing.

Linda: Were you the only one that met them at the etheric level as a group? And why did they request you?

John: Yes, I was alone and came at their request. They wanted to explore the option of surrender and I was the Light’s spokesperson in that regard.
Several later did surrender to the Light’s agenda and I played a role in that.
But in the end, the hardliners won out and the ruling elite did not surrender. Thus the situation we have today as humanity is ousting them.
The top people of the ruling elite were placed in containment about a year ago so the ruling elite no longer have a coordinated effort…and that shows.

John: Most people work at the physical level trying to change things but that is very ineffective since it is trying to change what is already set in stone so to speak. The real opportunity is at the etheric level, the level of creation; what is determined there sets the physical level.
The ruling elite have long known this and have practiced it but have discouraged the rest of humanity from operating at the creative level. That is how a few have controlled the many.
Since the harmonic convergence in 1987, the Light has been winning battles at the level of creation and the Light is very close to a turn around, to shifting what we experience at the physical level. It will be beautiful.
That is why the work you are doing, forgiveness, meditation, etc. is so important. You are consciously and unconsciously joining the effort at the creative level. Much of the clearing work you have already done is contributing at the creative level.

Linda: I am forgiving..however what has been the challenge is to open up….I have found that life experience and in particular the events of the time when I knew my college friend…we were very open…and we both really shutdown…perhaps for different reasons but the impact was the same…
There is still a realization or sadness of how tragic it all is….

John: Yes, shutting down Lightworkers has been a major plank in the ruling elite’s strategy.
It happens in many ways. My Mum shut me down when I was about 3. I scared her with my spiritual gifts and she thought I would not survive so she worked at making me more ‘worldly’. She may have been right. I may not have survived.

Linda: Wow…at 3…
How did your spiritual gifts play out so young?

John: I don’t remember that part, sorry.

Linda: Well, when did you first remember you had such gifts?

John: Not until decades later. I began awakening just after the harmonic convergence in the late 80’s and have made progress ever since.

Linda: I need to go meditate…didn’t do it yesterday….I have many things to sort out still…..The emails with my former friend have ended….We are still stuck but it will have to be released on the “etheric” level….
We shared a great love for music…
And now….she doesn’t listen to music at all…very shutdown…
However, she has had a good life…2 children and a good husband…so life is good for her in many ways…she is just not on the inner plane.

John: I call it winning the outer game and losing the inner game.

Linda: Yes…exactly….
It is rampant…

John: Just as the ruling elite has wanted. They can’t control those of us winning the inner game.

Discernment is a huge key right now with so much disinformation and misinformation out there.

Linda: Can you train someone to discern?

John: I think so.

Linda: How?
Is it all about keeping the heart open and knowing from that place what is true and not true….?

John: Yes. What we are doing is essentially that. Teaching you to go inward and find your own answers. They are your truth

Linda: Yes…is the truth from the gut….or the heart?

John: Both I think.

Linda: The heart can be very foolish…

John: Not when you really listen to it. That is only true when you are shut down and not in tune with your heart’s message.
I used to go with my gut but there is something missing in that. Fear registers in the gut, so it can be misleading. Now my heart is involved and that is much better.

Linda: I’m still learning…I will go meditate now…


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