9/11 – Ruling Elite’s Skeleton in the Closet

With the ruling elite on their last legs, humanity will soon turn over a new leaf, the leaf of Truth and the leaf of Disclosure. Disclosure is not just about our ET friends who have been in our skies for decades offering their abundance technologies and wisdom but each time turned away by the ruling elite, bent on maintaining their nefarious grip on humanity. Disclosure is also about the various crimes the ruling elite has imposed on humanity and most spectacular among these is 9/11 – the supposed terrorist attack of nearly a dozen years ago on the eleventh of September, 2001.

Yesterday, one of my friends, a high intuitive, began feeding me 9/11 investigation information from various sources and we entered into a lengthy dialogue on 9/11 and related matters; especially the rough ride experienced by many truth seekers and whistleblowers. In the process, my personal understanding was much expanded. This blog is not about proof, this blog is about truth and about disclosure and this entry outlines my truth as guided by the unseen hands of my guides and Divinity.

The most amazing discovery for me was that none of the four planes actually met the fate attributed to them in the ruling elite’s coverup. I ‘knew’ that to be true of the plane that was credited with the Pentagon strike but the other three also never crashed as claimed. The crash in Pennsylvania is sketchy and very little information was provided except perhaps it was shot down by military aircraft. The two planes that hit the World Trade Center Towers are of the most interest. Both were replaced by drones that were then guided into the towers at precise locations by homing devices planted in advance. Each tower had secure ‘computer rooms’ prepared in advance with thermite, a military grade explosive that provided the spectacular pyrotechnics that accompanied the airplane strikes.

The 9/11 ruling elite planners left nothing to chance and depending on inexperienced human pilots was not part of what actually took place. Both planes passed over a military base on the way to the towers and the drones replaced them. What happened to the passengers and crew including the supposed terrorists? They landed on the military base; that much is certain. I used to think they were given false identities under the witness protection program but this now seems unlikely and counter to the modus operandi that surrounds this operation. Time will reveal their fate and I will not speculate further. Suffice to say they have ‘disappeared from the face of the earth.’

The ruling elite’s motivation is already well known, to pin the tail on terrorists so they could invade Iraq and implement the Patriot Act. Both were notoriously successful. Side bars include trillions of missing money, the default of loans made to the Bush family and associates; and the convenient destruction of all evidence and paper trails.

So, we have four plane loads of innocent people disappearing from the face of the earth and three office towers filled with innocent people sacrificed in order to create enough hysteria and terrorist backlash to allow the greatest coverup this planet has ever seen. Ugh…!!!

Those intrepid enough to seek the truth in this matter have been severely dealt with. Three stories were provided me to demonstrate the severity.

One CIA ‘asset’ (the name given to people willingly cooperating with the CIA in order to forward their own, sometimes unrelated agenda) wrote a letter, in good faith, to the President warning him of the impending attack; thus jeopardizing the ‘I didn’t know’ cover story. She was imprisoned without trial and only granted legal council of the ruling elite’s choosing. Through the internet and a lawyer in her family she was finally granted a hearing and gained her liberty.

One journalist on the trail of thermite in the wreckage was attacked at his home by three undercover police officers and then charged with resisting arrest. He was similarly denied legal council of his choice and all his evidence was disallowed. He was convicted and chose to leave the country rather than face sentencing; and now lives in exile in Europe.

Another is an author and environmental activist who initially worked with the journalist on this expose. He was the victim of a smear campaign and resigned a high ranking political appointment by the Obama administration because of the controversy and the controlled media’s denigration and refusal to report his side.

Lack of support from the controlled media is, of course, a common theme in all three stories and who would expect anything different based on the fact that all major media is owned and controlled by the ruling elite.

Twelve years later and it appears that the ruling elite have succeeded with their cover stories and in their coverup. Looks can be deceiving and in actual fact the ruling elite are on their last legs and their coverup will soon crumble into a pile of wreckage; much like the Twin Towers on the fateful day, nearly twelve years ago. Rising from the ashes will be truth and disclosure… and a brand new and stunningly beautiful timeline I call the timeline of oneness and abundance.

Thank you to all those who gave their lives in those tragic events. It was not in vain. Thank you to all those who have tirelessly searched out the truth and endured the persecution of the ruling elite and their henchmen.
It was not all in vain and events are soon to reverse the tide of human history; with the truth of 9/11 leading the way.

Freedom for humanity…


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6 Responses to 9/11 – Ruling Elite’s Skeleton in the Closet

  1. katelon says:

    The minute I heard about the 9/11 attacks, I knew fully that it wasn’t what it seemed, knew the President and vice-president were behind it. I never watched any of the footage on TV about it. It is sad the lengths the ruling elite has gone to, in order to push their agenda, with no sense of remorse or value for human lives.

  2. That is amazing, Katelon. I was completely taken in although I remember wondering how airplane strikes caused the spectacular Tower failures broadcast worldwide on TV.

  3. Chyau Inn says:

    Pobably not related to this particular post but want to share this piece of information with you: http://maiakamala.wordpress.com/2013/08/18/flashpoint/

    • Very interesting information, Chyau Inn. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I currently see my mission as shifting the timeline that governs the human collective: Success in this will oust the ruling elite and end all nuclear threats. In the timeline of oneness and abundance that is being targeted, all war is unthinkable so nuclear weapons will no longer exist…and free energy will obsolete all current energy technology especially nuclear power plants. There is growing awareness of the aberrant nature of nuclear devices and their decommissioning will be the cause for wide spread rejoicing.

  4. Judy says:

    great post John…like you I ‘fell’ for it completely for a very long time…now I’m on the other side of the astounding manipulation…a friend was over the other night…and though she tries to listen to some of my “woo woo” she cannot accept that ‘agents’ of the US could do this to their own people…so we still have work to do…this campaign with billboards and the new videos will help…but this will be one of the toughest removing of the blinders…thank you for your perseverance…Judy

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