Hearts Filled with Light

Two things happened at the December solstice last year (2012). One was to delay humanity’s ascension process, long planned to coincide with the solstice. The other, more subtle change was to make humanity’s ascension inclusive. What does an ‘inclusive ascension process’ mean?

Prior to this shift into an inclusive ascension process the plan was to split humanity in two with one portion ascending and the other portion continuing a third dimensional existence.

The portion of humanity that ascended would have had a bright and beautiful timeline of oneness and abundance including a promotion into being full galactic citizens in contact with the other highly evolved civilizations in the Milky Way Galaxy and the entire Universe.

The portion of humanity that remained in the third dimension had a far more dubious prognosis. The earth’s ruling elite would have defaulted into this timeline and planned to continue their domination of that third dimensional timeline including the subjugation and enslavement of that portion of humanity that did not choose ascension. The masses who went that route (estimates were about 70% of humanity) would have had a very difficult time as this third dimensional reality would have been devoid of Lightworkers since most of the Lightworkers would have chosen the ascension route. Yes, a few Lightworkers would have chosen to stay behind and attempt to complete their mission of helping the rest of humanity to ascend but the balance of power would definitely have shifted back to the ruling elite and their dark plans. There is a very good chance that this portion of humanity would have suffered an ignominious fate and self destructed.

The inclusive ascension process embarked upon as of the December solstice has eliminated this plan for an alternative third dimensional reality. All of humanity is now marching together toward an inclusive ascension process. That is awesome beyond description.

The ruling elite, both collectively and individually, no longer have the option of holding the fort until the alternative 3D reality is made ready for them. That option has been removed, permanently and decisively. The ruling elite now have the choice of shifting into the Light and joining the rest of humanity in the inclusive ascension process or transitioning out of the human experience through the process we know as death. This is a huge change. Put it another way…the timeline of an alternative human existence on a third dimensional earth is no longer available. All human timelines are now ascended timelines.

What we are now witnessing and taking part in is the transition from the ruling elite’s third dimensional timeline of duality and scarcity…into the Lightworker’s ascended timeline of oneness and abundance. This transition process is taking time and is having a lot of growing pains…but it is happening; and…there is no possibility of the current timeline of duality and scarcity continuing in an alternative human existence. In fact, in some of the information coming from beyond the vail, timelines of duality and scarcity are no longer available anywhere in this universe. Perhaps this is true and perhaps such timelines are available but definitely not within the population of human beings. The only timeline available to human beings is the timeline of an inclusive ascension process where all of humanity ascends into bright and beautiful timelines based on oneness and abundance…the natural order of this universe.

As the timeline of oneness and abundance is birthed and takes hold, we will witness members of the ruling elite smoothly making the transition. Yes, some will chose not to take their place in the Light and will transition out of the human experience through death; but most will make the transition and become fully functioning ascended members of humanity. Many already have, through containment and free will, many ruling elite members are now championing the Light based agendas of oneness and abundance. Many are using their skills and talents in the transition process. They know the inner workings of their portion of darkness and exploitation and are using that knowledge and acquired skill set to assist in the transition into the oneness and abundance timeline.

Many others are simply acting out their part in the darkness to maximize humanity’s learning during the transition and once that learning has been maximized, they will shift seamlessly into the Light and lend their already bright light to the ascension process. Many of these people are very advanced and will continue leadership roles but with a change of heart…with their heart filled with Light.

Awesome times we live in…

Freedom for humanity…


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