Presidents and the CIA

No organization has been more responsible for forwarding the ruling elite’s world domination agenda than the CIA, the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States. The controlled media, including Hollywood, paints the President of the United States as having primary responsibility and control of the US’s foreign policy but in truth and in practice, the CIA is in this role and the President is a puppet under their control. Most US presidents have been perfectly satisfied in the role as the CIA’s puppet as they have long been supporters of the ruling elite and participate whole heartedly in the puppeteering sham as played out in the media and on the world stage.

Since WWII only two presidents have been elected based on popular support rather than as stooges of the ruling elite (being a ruling elite stooge guarantees them the media support so vital in election success). One was JFK who continued his opposition to the ruling elite as he took office and progressed toward a Light based agenda that was truncated by his assassination in 1963. We still do not know the truth of JFK’s death or his agenda as he fought the ruling elite on all fronts, and was targeting such things as wresting monetary control away from the ruling elite and disclosure of humanity’s ET supporters. With agenda’s such as that, it is little wonder he did not live out his first term in office as the ruling elite was greatly threatened and humanity was still fifty years from the time Divinity had mandated for a return to full consciousness. The timeline of duality and artificial scarcity still had a great deal of off-world support and JFK’s brave Light based agenda was like rolling a ball uphill. He was close to a major breakthrough but once he was taken out by death, that window of opportunity for the Light was closed and it was kitty bar the door.

Five years later, JFK’s Light based agenda was briefly revived by his brother, Bobby who looked poised to win the Democratic nomination for president but the ruling elite were fully in their power and orchestrated Bobby’s assassination only weeks after killing Martin Luther King. There was no one of sufficient stature to fill the void of these three deaths and the ruling elite was back in complete control in the US. Yes, they allowed some forward progress in the civil right’s arena…why not, all of humanity was enslaved and two classes of slavery was not a requirement. The same equation applied to South Africa and the policy of apartheid, twenty five or thirty years later. Mandela was wise enough to avoid taking on the ruling elite and the ruling elite allowed Mandela’s limited agenda of ending apartheid to succeed.

Obama’s presidency has been far more complex. Obama was also elected through popular support, not once but twice. He has deliberately chosen to pick his battles and slowly gain the advantage before taking on the CIA and their control of foreign policy. This is the reason the US is still in Afghanistan and Iraq. Obama would like to end these travesties but the CIA is in control and these are two important planks in the ruling elite’s world domination policy. Obama has managed to steer clear of any new major US involvement in the world’s trouble spots but has not yet been able to undo the involvements undertaken prior to him taking office four and a half years ago.

On the surface, little has changed. The CIA continues as a ruling elite stronghold advocating policies benefiting the ruling elite, the world banking systems continue to pour the world’s wealth into a few very deep pockets, the world’s media continues to be owned and controlled by the ruling elite, Disclosure of all manner of Truth continues to be withheld all around the world. Obama’s hands continue to be tied at each and every turn.

Looks are very deceiving at this time. The ruling elite are in fact on their last legs. All off-world support for the ruling elite has ended or been greatly weakened. The age of duality ended over twenty months ago and support for duality has eroded ever since. Disclosure is happening at various levels and in various venues. The world’s financial systems are on the verge of a major shift in support of Light based agendas. The ruling elite is now without a functioning planning group and without leaders with widespread support. The military/industrial complex is no longer able to start wars at will. Whole countries are rising up and taking back their power from the corrupt regimes that once governed them and the ruling elite is meeting more and more unified and powerful opposition in their attempts to replace these failed regimes with one’s equally supportive of their agenda. Obama is nearing the time when he can defang the CIA and put US foreign policy back where it belongs; under the control of the duly elected President of the United States.

Humanity is on the cusp of a major shift into a light based agenda. Humanity is on the cusp of birthing the timeline of oneness and abundance. The demise of the ruling elite and their not so secret agenda of a new world order and the enslavement of humanity is eminent.

Awesome times we live in…

Freedom for humanity…


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