Beating the War Drums

The CIA wants war.

As pointed out in a recent blog, Presidents and the CIA, foreign policy in the US has long been set by the CIA, not the President or any elected officials. The CIA wants to go to war and this has been their agenda for at least the past two years. All part of the ruling elite’s plan to derail ascension and further their agenda of an new world order and the enslavement of humanity.

Syria is the latest best option for starting a war and the war drums are beating. Lacking a President willing to beat the war drums, that role has fallen to Secretary of State – John Kerry, a known CIA stooge. President Obama has called for Congress to vote on whether to go to war against Syria and part of Kerry’s ‘let’s go to war against Syria’ campaign is a photograph of hundreds of bodies gassed to death and covered with white sheets. Trouble is the photo was taken ten years ago…in Iraq. I guess when you control the media you can afford to leave out a few minor details.

This is becoming so transparent…sickeningly so. Shameless misinformation by the CIA, showing their growing level of desperation. Meanwhile, the President is caught in the middle. His call for a vote in Congress shows his strategic genius. It gains time, always an advantage when the war drums are at fever pitch and it identifies the ruling elite/CIA stooges.

Yesterday, a friend sent me some information that misrepresented Obama as calling for a military strike in Syria. At first it bothered me and I paced about filled with negative emotions. Then a peace came over me and stayed with me the rest of the evening; until I fell asleep.

Shortly after three, I was awakened and lay there tossing and turning. I could not shake the anger and the thought that Obama is betraying the Light. There was also fear that Obama’s actions would trigger a wider conflict leading to an all out world war; and the shift and ascension processes would be jeopardized. I also have a Syrian friend, an ex-pat living in Toronto and I could feel his pain.

After a few minutes I got up to meditate, not out of being called but out of desperation as dwelling in negative emotions is so destructive, both to me personally and to my mission on behalf of humanity; and I seemed powerless to shake these emotions on my own.

Almost immediately, a mantra of surrender came to me. The meditation technique I learned and used in 06/07 had several mantras that were used to maintain and deepen the meditative state for long hours of meditation. Most I no longer access and a few have even been forgotten but the surrender mantra has stayed with me and ‘pops up’ whenever I get attached to something and cannot let it go on my own.

What was I attached too? Peace and my idea of a Lightworker, which the misrepresented Obama was not measuring up to.

How can the idea of military strikes which means dropping bombs that kill innocent people be defended under any circumstances. In my view it cannot; and I was attached to my view. Was there a way I could bring Light into Obama’s heart and have him reverse this decision? Another attachment.

Within seconds the surrender mantra weaved its magic and I returned to my long standing practice of surrendering all attachments. I realized the matter is not for me to resolve. I realized Obama has free will and I was attempting to tamper with it. I realized that I did not have the full picture; that something unseen to me and that I was unaware of may be in play. Later in the day, the universe filled in those missing pieces.

Most of all I realized or re-membered that I am a sovereign being and returned to that state; claiming the energies of the shift into oneness and abundance and re-anchoring them in my personal energy field. The negative emotions I had been feeling cannot coexist in the energy field of shifted consciousness. Actions of war cannot take place within this energy field and I was again holding the positive energies of oneness and abundance and claiming them for all of humanity.

I meditated like this, in the sovereign state of oneness and abundance for several minutes and then went back to bed, easily falling asleep and sleeping peacefully until morning.

Join me in ending the beating of war drums and the misinformation upon which this is based. Join me in creating the energy of peace and birthing the timeline of oneness and abundance.

Freedom for humanity…

Five days later and the Universe has sent me plenty of information that Obama has called for military strikes in Syria and Congress is involved because they demanded it. My guidance is that at Obama’s heart level this blog is accurate. At the level of his words and his actions, not so much…


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