National Security

Remember the Divine Right of Kings? In this concept, the king was connected directly to Divinity and could do no wrong. His word was law and no matter how inappropriate his decisions may appear, they were Divinely guided and thus above reproach.

Why bring this up in a blog about national security? Eventually humanity came to understand that this idea was completely bogus and that kings are no more Divinely connected than anyone else and kings need checks and balances like everyone else. Laws and constitutions changed to reflect this larger understanding.

The same applies to the concept of national security. It is a relatively new concept that took hold after WWII and was first passed into law in 1949 in the US. It has since been adopted by many other countries around the world. The initial imputus was to protect the identity of spies. The ruling elite have since expanded the concept since it is a great way to keep things secret and there are many things they want to keep secret.

National Security has been used and abused extensively in the 9/11 coverup and all matters of alleged terrorist activity. I say alleged because the Truth is that the ruling elite has promoted terrorism around the world including terrorism on the home front. They recognize terrorism as a great purveyor of fear and their agenda is based on fear; thus they coddle and fund prospective terrorists; all in the name of national security.

National security has greatly altered our legal systems and greatly shifted the scales of justice in favour of those in power. If you are a defendant when national security is invoked, you are greatly disadvantaged. This is true the world over. A new movie called Closed Circuit demonstrates how this currently works in Britain and with the Patriots Act in the US, modelled after the gulag system in the now defunct Soviet Union, so called ‘enemies of the state’ have few rights in the US. If your case is deemed to involve ‘national security’ you will be convicted regardless of the Truth of the matter, and there is currently no one to assist you.

That is shifting and shifting rapidly. In fact:

National security is going to be a short lived concept and like the Divine Right of Kings, it will soon go the way of the Dodo bird. It will soon become extinct. Why? Because it has no meaning in oneness. It has no meaning in a world of peace and a world of abundance. It has no meaning as humanity embraces these beautiful concepts and births the timeline of oneness and abundance.

National security is a concept of fear, a concept of duality, and a concept of scarcity. None of these hold sway in the coming era, in the new timeline of oneness and abundance. When peace is firmly anchored within humanity and on earth, national security will be no more…nor will spies, nor will terrorism.

National security is a bogus concept and soon laws and constitutions will shift to reflect that larger understanding.

That time is coming and coming soon.

Freedom for humanity…


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