Hotspots for the Shift into Oneness and Abundance

Let’s explore some of the hot spots in humanity’s shift into the timeline of oneness and abundance. The three of my choice are financial, peace and disclosure.

With the world’s media still owned and controlled by the world’s ruling elite, a great deal of silence prevails about the financial shifts and even though this work is well advanced and has been underway since the early summer, nothing is being reported aside from resignations as those still supporting the ruling elite’s financial agendas get squeezed out of the picture. About the only reliable source of information are our Angelic and ET friends. Apparently this work is proceeding on course and without obstruction by the ruling elite who have been effectively sidelined by containment of the key individuals who used to call the financial shots the world over and by the resignations of literally hundreds of high placed banking executives who were given the ultimatum to resign or face charges.

Recent delays are due to the Light’s desire to ‘get things right’ and to have a smooth transition. Just how far the initial changes will go is unclear to me. It will include the re-valuation of nearly all the world’s currencies with some big winners and some moderate losers but will it include debt forgiveness? I do not know. Will it include NESARA and other prosperity funding? Again, I do not know. One thing is certain, once these financial shifts take place, those in charge of the world’s financial instruments will be serving the Light rather than the dark agendas of the few who have headed up the ruling elite. Obama has done a good job in the financial area, defanging the Federal Reserve (a privately owned bank); and lending sufficient cooperation such that the BRICS Alliance (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) has been able to proceed with the planned shift into world wide Light based financial systems.

In the arena of peace, humanity remains at the cross-roads. The middle east and especially Syria is the world’s current leveraging point. The US remains the key player and the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency of the US) continues to pour misinformation into the controlled media and fund various rebel armies in the hopes of turning localized unrest into a global war. Obama currently scores poorly in the area of peace; continuing on the misguided tact of advocating and using military strikes in the name of peace. It seems he continues to believe at least portions of the misinformation being fed him by the CIA.

The area of disclosure has many fronts and is having considerable success. Truth is getting out there thanks to brave whistle blowers like Snowden (NSA), Assange (Wikileaks), Manning (US army) and many others. I had a good night at the movies earlier this week with a preview of The Fifth Estate, the early story of Wikileaks and the main feature called Closed Circuit, a fictional story that educates viewers on the abuses of justice in the British court system when national security is invoked. Disclosure is getting out there, even in the movies!

National security is presently the greatest impediment to disclosure; particularly in the ruling elite’s strongholds of the US and western Europe as the establishment continues to invoke national security to block disclosure of truth at every opportunity. Understandable since disclosure will result in the downfall of all current establishment regimes in first world countries which have been and continue to be supporters of the few who have lorded it over the many. Obama scores poorly on disclosure, leading the US’s attempt to keep secrets in the name of national security and campaigning for the arrest and prosecution of whistle-blowers for the crime of telling the truth.

Obama scores a failing grade of 33% in my little test.

I continue to believe in Obama. He is a highly evolved being of the Light and is well advanced on his Light mission of helping lead humanity into the Light based timelines of oneness and abundance. He seems currently disconnected from his heart and risks being left behind or even shunted to the sidelines as humanity moves into the timeline of oneness and abundance while he stands in opposition. That would be too bad…but no one is indispensible.

There is still time…and few have done as much as Obama to get us to these pivotal times. Come on Obama…step up to the plate and hit a few homers for the Light. The time is ripe and humanity is ready.

Freedom for humanity…


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