Worry – At the Tipping Point into the Light

These past few weeks have been lots of work for me. My goal of ousting the ruling elite and ending their systems of duality and tyranny has been pretty intense. I am sleeping lots as that is when much of my current contributions take place…outside of my current conscious memory. For example, I went to bed before 10 last night. Had a couple of short wake-ups including one around 7 but was still tired so went back to bed and slept past 10.

Feeling all sorts of emotions today, mostly a low grade anger, and frequently sit to meditate to access them and allow them to pass.

Had the thought that the reason the financial stuff has taken so long is the ruling elite would have stolen it; would love to steal it. I accept that that danger is now past and that the reason it is taking so long with the ruling elite now on the financial sidelines is the human desire to get it right; but still there is this place of worry within me.

I am also in this place right now of someone about to achieve a goal to which they have been fully dedicated for a long period of time. A part of me is sorry to see it happening and wondering what I will do next. Actually, the first part is not true…I will never be sorry to see it happening…but there is a part of me wondering…what next? A part of me is ‘worried’ that the ruling elite will rise up and steal the goodies. That part is what is causing me to meditate and each time I do, I get ‘it is all good. We are all one.’ I just cannot maintain any level of concern or worry when accessing Divinity.

It feels like we (the Light) have been close before in my experience and it has been stolen away from us and the darkness reimposed in past lifetimes and even with JFK in this lifetime, also before 9/11 and perhaps one or two other times since the harmonic convergence. Yes, that is true say my guides.

That Syria is all about delaying or derailing the financial shifts is absolutely true for me. Same with 9/11 and look how successful that was, delayed the financial reset for 12 long years. There I go, back to worry again. LOL

I am getting strongly that success with the financial shifts starts all the other Light balls in motion and there is no going back. Abundance technologies including free energy, Disclosure on all levels and in all things, ET disclosure including two way communications and sharing of their technologies, travel by intention, healing and rejuvenation; and many things beyond my current scope of imagination.

I do not have a current passport. It lapsed in March and I have no motivation to renew it. It will not be needed soon is what I am getting.

In the early part of my time with my son, Orson, at my granddaughter’s wedding on Saturday we talked shop. ‘How is work going?’ I asked as Orson was hired in May by an oil-by-rail company, shipping oil by rail from oil rich Alberta to east coast refineries. ‘Lots of changes. Since I was hired, (three months ago) three competitors have come into the marketplace. We were alone in the business when I was hired’ and he went on to explain other market factors like a proposed pipeline. ‘In my world, none of this matters as the shifts will make oil irrelevant’, I offered.

Orson became quite aggressive at this point and attempted to bring me over to his reality, pointing out that none of the changes I have been predicting have happened as yet and saying, ‘It is time for you to drop your beliefs and return to the real world.’ In the ensuing conversation I was able to show him that I have a strong and well supported belief system that is not based in a vacuum as he had thought. ‘If my guidance shifts, I will easily walk away and rejoin what you consider the ‘real world’. My guidance changes every day and I am in constant touch…but it has remained consistent that I am on the right track and there have been delays but no cancellations. It is all happening and will all happen; so says my guidance.’

‘Okay’ said Orson and we were then good to refocus on the wedding and on the good that we can do in the present moment.

What a reminder of the slumbering masses and the shock all these shifts will be to their worldview and to their view of self. The role of compassion will be huge. The role for those of us who have already done our homework will be huge.

Meanwhile, we remain at a huge crossroads…at the crossroads of the tipping point into the timeline of oneness and abundance. The dark and the ruling elite have derailed the Light at this point before. This time the Light is so much better supported and the dark has few resources.

Let’s tip into the Light now and begin the shared human experience of the timeline of oneness and abundance.

Freedom for humanity…


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