The Truth Sets You Free

Tomorrow is the twelfth anniversary of 9/11. The controlled media will be filled with stories supporting the bogus official story of the infamous events of that day. I do not listen to the controlled media; have not paid it any attention now for several years. Even when 9/11 happened I did not listen to the news or read the papers, except the comics and the sports but I was completely taken in by the mainstream coverage of the event. I was sleeping in that day and my wife woke me after the first plane had crashed and we both sat riveted to the live TV coverage of the events; including the second plane crashing into the Tower and the amazing collapse of both buildings. My only glimmer of something not being as reported was the collapse itself. I remember thinking, ‘That is not how towers hit by airplanes would come down! Something is off here.’

With my awakening about three years later and with the inner dedication to ultimate reality growing within me, 9/11 has represented a fascinating microcosm. Slowly the universe has provided me with bits and pieces of the the total picture of 9/11, most recently the plane that crashed before reaching its destination.

9/11 – Ruling Elite’s Skeleton in the Closet
Posted on August 26, 2013)

Last night I was awakened around 5 a.m. and kept awake as I pieced together memories and new information about the 9/11 airplane that crashed in Pennsylvania. The official story was and is that this plane was highjacked and the high-jackers planned to crash it into the White House; but heroic passengers overcame the high-jackers and the plane crashed short of its intended target; with no survivors.

What has come to me so far is that the plane that crashed was a drone. Like the planes that crashed into the Twin Towers, the real airplane with its passengers and crew and supposed high-jackers landed safely at a military base and a drone took off disguised as the airplane in question, but remotely controlled and with no passengers or crew on board; e.g. a drone. The drone was approached and perhaps shot down by a military aircraft and the pilot that did this was sent to jail in Florida and was still in jail at last report in about 2008. I say perhaps because drones do not need to be shot down; they can be crashed at will. Perhaps this is why the pilot is in jail and unavailable to the public. The crash site was taken over by the magic of National Security and eyewitness reports of ‘no bodies’ have been ignored in the official version and prevented from reaching the public and the media.

Unanswered questions include:
What happened to the real airplane? It may well be back in service as happened with the 9/11 airplane that landed in Cleveland.

What happened to the people on board? They ‘disappeared from the face of the earth’. How remains an unanswered question…the same applies to all four 9/11 flights as none of the people on them died in an airplane crash. None of these planes actually crashed. All four landed safely; three at military airports and one at the Cleveland airport. Three were replaced by drones that crashed, two into the Twin Towers and the third crashed in Pennsylvania, the fourth was replaced by a missile that hit the Pentagon.

Why was the White House spared? Could have been for any number of reasons; chief among them being there was nothing to gain by destroying the White House. Important paper trails and computers with information about missing money and unpaid debts were not stored in the White House so there was no reason to destroy it. A remote possibility is that this part of the plan went afoul when the drone was brought down by military aircraft. This would mean that the well planned, leave nothing to chance, military operation that was 9/11 did not go entirely as planned. Shit happens in war zones and the US on that day was a war zone.

We are nearing the time when the truth of 9/11 is disclosed; all part of the larger disclosure that is occurring. Disappearing hundreds of innocent people from the face of the earth is nasty business and I am sure it was done in the layered ways in which the ruling elite works; with the passengers and crews being handed off from one layer to the next and only a small and trusted few knowing their ultimate fate. I will not speculate further.

Ugly business and a huge skeleton in the ruling elite’s closet. The universe sent me a Russian news report aired recently naming the CIA and the White House as conspirators in the events of 9/11. The truth is getting out there. The US is understandably the last to know; but know they will…all in good time.

The truth does set you free…and in has era of breaking out of the control and manipulation of the few (the leaders of the ruling elite) who control the many, the truth is ugly indeed. It is not just 9/11 that contains an ugly truth but many other nefarious schemes, like chemtrails, vaccinations, GMOs (genetically modified organisms) used to make foods, fluoride in our water, the Gulf Oil spill, and many, many more…but 9/11 remains the most visible and the most visual having been seen by millions live on TV.

The truth does set you free…

Freedom for humanity…

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    ohhh just read this part after my comment…thank you…Judy

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