The Ugly Truth of 9/11

Writing this particular blog post is very distasteful for me; but I have offered to do whatever is given me to do and this post has been requested of me. So here goes, on the twelfth anniversary of 9/11.

Like most of humanity, I was completely taken in by the shocking events of 9/11 and the cover story as presented on that day of infamy. A band of terrorists hijacked four passenger planes on the morning of 9/11/01 and flew them to crash sites in the eastern United States. There were no survivors. Two hit the World Trade Towers on live TV, one hit the Pentagon and the fourth crashed in Pennsylvania, short of the White House, its intended target. The shock and outrage created by this event allowed the Bush administration to pass the Patriots Act and invade Iraq.

The truth came to me in increments over the years. What follows is the truth and in italics, my personal response.

The government and the CIA were complicit in the planning and execution of the events of 9/11.
By then I was well aware of the duplicity of the Bush administration so this seemed like confirmation.

The Twin Towers were pre-wired with explosives to cause the spectacular demolition. Also, a third smaller building was brought down by a controlled demolition at the same time.
Even back at the live event, I thought the towers did not come down like that due to the airplane strike. This explained it.

No plane hit the Pentagon, it was either a missile or unfamiliar technology. What happened to the plane and the people on it?
The plane and the people landed safely in the Cleveland airport. The plane went back into service. The people disappeared from the face of the earth, consistent with the ‘no survivors’ cover story. My mind concocted the scenario of them being taken into the witness protection program but I have no evidence to support this premise and my guidance is saying this is wishful thinking.

Missing trillions and the Bush family defaults on billions in loans. Vital records destroyed both in the Pentagon and the three buildings demolished at the World Trade Center site.
Ah, ha. Finally, a plausible motive for the complete destruction of these three buildings and the staged attack on a small portion of the Pentagon. It had always seemed to me that just the airplane strikes would have served the political and public opinion purposes of the 9/11 attacks…why the wanton destruction?

The planes that hit the Twin Towers were drones guided in part by homing devices planted in advance in the Towers. The real planes and their passengers landed safely at a military landing field which ended their role in the drama of that day.
Explains the little juke/course correction the second plane did just before hitting the tower. Definitely not something a pilot would do.
Removes the terrorist angle completely. The drones were certainly not piloted by terrorists. They were piloted by the military using remote control technology and approved by the ruling elite and the complicit President Bush.
Creates an aweful question: What happened to the passengers and crews?

The plane that crashed in Pennsylvania, short of the supposed intended target of the White House, was also a drone.
That piece of information put me on tilt. It means all four of the planes landed safely and all of the passengers and crews have disappeared from the face of the earth. Ugly business.

The day after learning this, I walked home from a visit with family, a two hour walk. On the walk, I found myself in the shoes of the passengers who disembarked from the planes and their plight as they were presumed dead in the crashes that never happened. Do I figure it all out and become belligerent or do I accept the cover story I am fed and walk blindly and cooperatively into the trap? These events were without precedence so I am blindly trusting…Ugh! Simultaneously, I was in the shoes of their jailers/executioners…these passengers could not be allowed to return to life on earth…It would simply be too dangerous to the cover story. How do you actually end their lives if that was the final decision? At what point do you go from, ‘there is a problem and we need your cell phones’ to ‘this is the end of the line, mister or mis’ also, how and where do you do the executions? Are the FEMA camps that were built set up with this type of facility? Fast forward a few years if the decision was imprisonment without any contact with the outside world…Yikes in both sets of shoes. My gut and my guidance tells me it was death. The top echelon of those who were in power was ruthless and that is where this decision would have been made.

Yikes…both positions freaked me out, big time. I had to step back into my shoes in short order but having that experience seemed important in some larger picture.

No wonder 9/11 truth seekers are having such a hard time of it. The full truth is simply too ugly for the masses to accept. Even for me, with the truth coming in increments over the years, the truth was and is a nasty experience. So nasty I have not shared this with anyone yet in a face to face conversation; only in my blog.

Freedom for humanity…

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2 Responses to The Ugly Truth of 9/11

  1. katelon says:

    Awful and sad, yes! Even for those of us who first heard about it and immediately knew it was the present US administration who were behind it, struggle with accepting that people could be so cold blooded. I can’t imagine what it is going to be like for the majority of people not in our informed camp when they find out the truth. I’m sure there is much more to be revealed too, that may even add to what we already know or change it completely. So sad!

  2. Judy says:

    HEAR HEAR John…thank you for sharing your “light” on this huge travesty/tragedy…I too am curious about what truly happened to those passengers…and I feel you are correct in your supposition…anything else like witness protection would leave too many loose threads…soon we will know ..what is your understanding of the planes landing in Cleveland or elsewhere…and do you feel the phone messages were also part of the camouflage…the actual planning and carrying through of this ‘event’ surpasses understanding…no wonder folks can’t accept The Truth !!
    Love, Judy

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