No More!

It came to me on 9-11, late in the day walking home from a movie I was to see but not recommend, that it was time for me to move on. Time for me to refocus on what I want, rather than on what happened years ago. In so doing, I find my interest in the 9/11 sharing was in Truth and nothing else; not retribution, not revenge, not justice…only truth. In so doing, I find my one position in all this is that this same kind of thinking that created 9/11 cannot be allowed to continue in the halls of power, cannot be allowed to continue to own and set editorial policy for our media. I stand and say…No More.

It is time for those with love in their hearts and in all aspects of their being to be in the halls of power. It is time for people of love to own the media and set editorial policy. That is a function of Truth and that is what I was contributing to our shared creation by publishing the Truth of 9/11.

I am a man of love. Non-violent to the core of my being but willing to stand and willing to say…No More!

The movie I saw (The Attack) was made by a middle eastern filmmaker and captured much of the present day situation in Israel and Palestine, captured much of the tension and conflict between the Jews and the Arabs. It misses the boat in one very important way, suicide bombers and acts of violence, especially against children and other innocent victims, are not perpetrated by people with backgrounds and present day situations filled with love and respect. An interesting premise but unreal in the extreme.

I left the movie wondering why I was guided to attend and wondering if I missed something…and then it came to me. No matter what the circumstances, no matter the background energies, no matter the provocation or lack of it, I am saying NO MORE! NO MORE flying airplanes into buildings. NO MORE wars and dropping bombs. NO MORE suicide bombings for any reason. NO MORE hatred and fear; NO MORE disrespect due to divisions and duality. NO MORE violence against innocents or against people or things for any reason. NO MORE! I even repeated it in Spanish since I know the phrase for no more in Spanish (from Roberto Duran’s boxing match with Sugar Ray Leonard), NO MAS!

And so, I stand before you in this blog and I say with conviction…NO MORE!!!

It is time for us to turn the corner. It is time for us to Shift…to shift into the now viable timeline of oneness and abundance. In that timeline, no one is disadvantaged. No one is seen as less than any one else. In that timeline, we are all one…and violence in any form damages the oneness. Thus, it becomes unthinkable to perform a violent act. Violence is seen for what it is…an act in violation of one’s Self.

Freedom for humanity…


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